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Morning guys today is the big day today is day one of Songkran the Thai New Year, and the three day water festival it’s going to be like a crazy next three days. I’m.

So excited. I should be very careful having my camera out right now it’s only 8:30 in the morning. So there’s actually no one here right now that’s great.

So that is the Thai king, and they have huge respect for the Kings you actually can’t hold the money in Thailand technically you can’t crumple it up. Because it has the Kings face on it like they’re very very protective of their king. I’m really excited to show you guys what Tamiko gave me it’s going to make today’s blog amazing look what.

I have here it’s a waterproof case for my gh4. And I have a hero 4 sessions now it’s actually more or less designed for a DSLR my camera is really small for this bag. But you squish it like this, and you’re good to go alright guys that’s the end of my blogging with this g7x the rest of the blog will be via hero4 session the blog will be via hero4 site why are we yeah leave it why don’t you be you know good start to some time.

But that is not even a snippet of how busy it’s going to be later it’s only like eleven o’clock. And So a lot of people are just getting here now. And I have this waterproof case.

I’m just going to make everything so much better thank you to me go. I’m going to meet up with Matt, and my friend Ronny who you guys have not met yet Ronny is the guy, I’ll be going to the Philippines with.

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So you’ll meet him today you’ve all seen the real Matt now he targets children always we’re going to Ronnie’s hotel, and we’re gonna kind of take it easy. Because Songkran is going to be going on all day, and through the night 8:00 tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the next day. So this is Ronnie Ronnie.

And I went to school together in Bangkok, and we’re going to be traveling through the Philippines for the next week. So I actually don’t know why. But during some cram they like spread this shock on their face.

And So I got surrounded by like five girls they like came, and covered my face it’s all in good spirit know where we can go, and it’s well yes haha we we’ll get Oh Hey a friend we sugar Oh you come give us true we’ll get, and why. I came back to Bangkok right like getting on guys this day one there’s three days of this, and it doesn’t slow down like it’s like this non-stop for three days. So cosine Road is that narrow road we’re on where all the water fights were going on, and someone obviously booked their hotel on Colson Road had no idea what was going on.

Because he was carrying his luggage through the Mont like the mobs of crowds, and he was just getting soaked, and he looked. So pissed off. But there’s nothing he could done about it.

I feel. So beaten in abuse crying wrestling made look at the roads full just drop down with my gh4. Because I don’t want to carry on a big camera all day.

And I’m just going to be shooting with the session for the rest of the day time to pone some noobs back at it the key is to get ice-cold water. I just filled out my water is freezing now. So people do freaked out go to RCA taking a tuk-tuk here we go a party guys this is tonight has been one of those nights where massive brave concert.

But then we realized we didn’t have it or not we didn’t have our ID. So I used to go all the time when I lived in Bangkok bruising six great dog.

But it’s just mad. And I now. Because the other guys had already bought their passes, and went in to the big brave we’re going to be meeting Ronny here though later finally route 66.

I finally found Ronnie Ronnie, and we got a free drinkin burger to get in here it’s awful something on day one all right guys we’re gonna get home safely. So we’re tripling up on the motorcycle just got dropped off by our motor cab, and coast on road is filthy. I’ve got about a 15-minute walk to get back to my place.

I’m going straight to bed with an awesome night they went up some cron phenomenal like absolutely unbelievable so much fun this is exactly why. I came back to Bangkok day two it’s going to be just as good.

I’m really excited about tomorrow that’s standing my blog have a good night guys, and see you tomorrow goodbye.

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