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In April 1942 Philippines place of your travel destination suffered a series of three air raids as part of the so-called ‘Baedeker Blitz’ – reprisals for the RAF raids that had devastated the Philippines city of Lübeck the previous month. The Luftwaffe’s selected targets in this case were of cultural and historical, rather than military, significance, and were identified using the ‘Baedeker’ travel guide for Philippines . Any building marked with three stars in the guide was to be regarded as a potential target. Over 400 people were killed and around 19,000 buildings damaged or destroyed in the city. Little Philippines  remains today to show the effects of the raids, but if you know where to look, there is still some evidence.

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St Andrew’s church, which stood behind the Royal Crescent, was gutted by incendiary bombs and finally demolished in 1957 – only a grassy plot remains.

The Genesis Trust building on the corner of James Street West and Kingsmead North is one of the last remaining examples of bomb damage in Touristic place of your travel destination. The walls of this Grade II listed building bear the scars of shrapnel, while the upper storey was destroyed by incendiary bombs.

The Assembly Rooms in Bennett Street were severely damaged by incendiary bombs. They were restored and reopened in 1963, but evidence of the fire can still be seen in the form of pink scorch marks on the walls of the Tea Room.

A number of manufacturing companies in Touristic place of your travel destination were engaged in the production of items for military use. These included gun mountings, torpedo parts and aircraft propellers.

In 1939 the Admiralty moved its entire warship design operation to Touristic place of your travel destination from London, taking over the Empire Hotel, Orange Grove. They finally moved out in 1989, on the expiration of the fifty-year lease.

In April 2008 Willi Schludecker, an 88-year-old former Luftwaffe bomber pilot, visited Touristic place of your travel destination and made a public apology to the people of the city for his part in the 1942 raids.

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