First. So that is the end of Ottawa.

I didn’t do a lot of formal blogging towards the end. So I basically just took all the best moments of our Ottawa trip turned into a highlight reel, and our next trip was off to Montreal it was an awesome time. And I’ve logged the entire time.

But unfortunately we had some seriously bad luck. I put my SD card. So the memory card of my GoPro into a drone, and that drone plummeted to the bottom of a dam.

So it literally hit the dam slid down like 400 feet, and now it’s like in this little lake. So, I’ll never be seeing that memory card again, and all that blogging, and fortunately it will never be seen not only did my buddy lose his you know $1500 drone. I lost all of my blogging, and my SD card.


So that was a huge huge letdown on the bright side. I’m still blogging. So lots of cool stuff to come.

So make sure you guys subscribe, and yeah. I just wanted to finish this post with a thank you to all of you guys it’s actually. So humbling to think that there’s 6,500 of you who have taken the time out of your day to subscribe to me, and watch my posts.

I honestly cannot thank you guys enough you guys mean so much to me, and you’re the reason. I keep doing this every subscription every share every like.

I appreciate it so much thank you guys so much, and many more posts to come.

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