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I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to be a freelance writers and travel all over the world. Technology has allowed people all over the world to work remotely and live the life of traveling that they have always dreamed of. At no other time in history has a group of people had the ability to work for a company across the globe without any issue with internet as this has become widely available around the world. The following are some tips to living this traveling freelance life.

Hammer Out a Realistic Budget
Freelancers have quite a variable when it comes to the money they make on a monthly basis. For those who have been freelancing for years it becomes easier as certain companies use the same freelancers month after month. Writing out a realistic budget and actually sticking to it is important as you do not want to be broke in a foreign land. Plenty of great locations around the world have a cost of living that is far below that of the United States so most freelancers making due in the US do not have to worry when traveling.

Sell Your Home or Rent It Out
Many people do not realize that income that can be made simply by renting their home out when they are abroad. Hiring a property management company makes this actual passive income as you will never have to deal with any type of tenant. With this being said not all property management companies are created equal and one terrible tenant can set you back years in rent if you are not careful.

Some people want to have a bit of extra money when abroad so they sell their home. Waiting for months and months while out of the country without a great idea of what is going on can be stressful. There are actually cash house buyers that will purchase your home in a much more timely manner than working with a real estate agent. This will allow you to have expendable income when freelancing and traveling the world.

Find a Freelance Community
There are websites that actually put together freelance communities all over the world. The main issue that people usually have is finding internet that isn’t spotty so they can work. These communities guarantee great Wi-Fi service as it is what their tenants make their living with. Some of these programs have to be applied for as only true freelancers are accepted and not people just looking for a cool group to live abroad with.

Start a Blog
Keeping in touch with everyone while you are gallivanting around the world can be quite difficult as wireless charges internationally are absurd. This can be a weekly or daily blog that you update to let everyone know how your travels are going. Giving location specific travel tips can actually bring outside traffic to the blog which in turn could make the blog profitable if you keep creating quality content. Start a blog so everyone knows you are safe rather than have family and friend bombard you via email and social media.
As you can see the freelance life is a goal that is attainable for many. The freedom that freelancing has given me and other people is unequaled by any
other freedom in the world.

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