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Hey guys huh it’s best. I’m on my way to pick up Abby. And I’m on my way to pick up a package a package that’s gonna make this blog a 2.

0 blog. I’m gonna film today in 4k this is the best thing that you can do in Vancouver, and it’s a surprise date for Abby she has no idea what we’re doing she’s starting to get nervous. I’ve told her to get warm clothing like a big jacket warm pants.

And I told her to bring a bikini. So she’s very confused she has no idea what we’re doing, and let’s see how long we can hold the surprise before she figures out what we’re doing you guys you see this this year is the next step up in the blog all right this looks like those things that you see in the movies like the Russian spies have their snipers put away inside of these. I give you the beholder gimbal guys yeah how do people do review posts with what hand check out my brand-new.

I can gimbal it’s almost fully balanced. I just need to put the battery pack in, and from there the motor will actually take over the rest that’s so cool okay.

So I asked Christian if we could play five questions, and then if. I could guess it within five questions yes to tell me the very last one why you’ve already ansible okay. So one of my questions was have we ever done it before, and what.

I was gonna guess that we were wearing on a helicopter ride my next guess is it something someone would do alone yeah do am. I gonna sweat during it maybe because. I’m not that this guide.

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I have a crush on like seriously. I will. I absolutely refuse.

I’m not going skydiving that’s what it is, and, I’ll actually be annoyed if it is weights no. I hide down to this. But if it is.

I’m not going, I’ll be calling you. Because I am picking up someone gosh. I don’t you’re actually stressing me out.

So much. I don’t do good with less there is the legend himself tell me what we’re doing welcome back to the blog no you won’t tell me free falling out of the sky that’s a little fun though, and enjoy it so much what are you sorry some what we’re gonna go do a cross-canada trip starting in south khatoun yeah.

I didn’t bring a sick kid oh. I can’t guess it what is it we’re going on a helicopter this is. I guess that.

I had a feeling no. But you could guess it on the first guess, and then me give it away how’s it going Misha nice to meet you beautiful day that’s perfect day yeah nice to meet you man yeah she’s been nervous the whole time all right guys right now we are in Abbotsford, and we’re here with BC helicopters they actually reached out to me on my blog. And So this is like the coolest thing that you could possibly do in Vancouver we have such a beautiful mountain range just out there.

So today we’re gonna go to a mountain we’re gonna go to a actual natural hot spring so. We’ve brought our bathing suits, and it’s like the most beautiful day there’s not a cloud in the sky. I didn’t think I’d be getting back in a helicopter.

So soon. I see you guys have flown in one of these before have you been out like no okay. So, I’ll show you a couple things the doors when you want to latch, and close it he’ll be backing up like this before stopping for nothing Oh, and yes.

I reached out to as a Christian. But what a week ago or something like that yeah, and he was kind enough to get back to me, and we arranged the plate. And So today we’re gonna basically go play in our backyard up in the mountain to see what kind of awesome yeah for sure.

Because we’re a flight school. I actually left the dual controls in here today. And I’m gonna do a little bit of by teaching master camera of active Lake there for a sec.

I disagree you disagree all right yeah. So this guy here okay you can put your arm down kinda on your leg. So just kind of rest it down in your life there you go, and that’s the way that you steer the helicopter.

So you can just appeal just like a post game if you push it forward helicopter goes forward a little it back goes back, and you just want to be really small, and gentle is to the left there’s to the right oh. So give it over to you how’s that feel awesome good pretty crazy it’s amazing how sensitive it is isn’t it yeah just the slightest movements a few moments later you can keep your arm kind of down on your leg the teeter totter back, and forth is just a passive control back, and forth to you, and me, and then it’s left, and right. So if we want to go to the right.

I just pull a little bit to the right there. So you can see the noses diving down a little bit. So just pull back a little bit as well what are these petals by my feet.

So the petals are controlling where the helicopter points. So it doesn’t control where it actually flies. But we just want to keep it pointing straight ahead basically.

And So you push left or right pedal to get that to happen the sky over the moon over our first stop of the day we have like just pulled over on the side of a mountain. I have to be incredible there’s a little extension pot, and Misha gave me full control. I have your leg if.

I tilt too much to the right the helicopter was going is. So sick. So BC helicopters you guys operate out of atmosphere yeah.

I don’t have a screwed we do play training, and obviously charter work, and stuff as well yeah tours, and just all sorts of exam to stay by your side felt the strength. So I say before stopping for nothing guys the hands meant from like a nice time to being like icicles, and three seconds wind is really strong up here, and it’s just it’s got to be minus 20 what do you think it is yeah it’s minus 20 yeah minus 20. So for the most part this is gonna be a 4k blog with the exception of like this kind of blogging footage a few of the Canon 5d shots are going to be 1080.

But everything that’s coming off the SMS too actually there’s gonna be some slow motions also 1080. So it’s not entirely 4k. But there’s a lot of 4k mixed in with this how they’re working out have to do a moving shot you can actually follow right through here.

Because the snow is pretty lightly packed on top, and it’s built out. So like especially near the trees you just sink right in you’re up to your waist see how it was see if. I can fall in again fun of the day.

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