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Insects are relatively harmless to most of us, except of course for those people who experience allergic reactions to bug bites or bee stings. If you’re someone who has such a sensitivity or suspect you do, special precautions are in order. Consult your doctor for advice.

Insects can indeed be pesky at times, but they’re rarely a real hazard in this country. Bug repellent should be brought on any warm-weather trip, since there’s always a possibility of encountering insects when temperatures are mild.

Some regions of the United States are known to have special bug problems at certain times of year, as for example the early-summer blackfly season of the northeastern states. Wearing a headnet or taking other precautions may be advisable if you’re going to venture out at such times. Or you could choose to visit a different area during these seasons. See Chapter 3 for more about insects as well as bug repellents.

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