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Whether you’re taking a gap year or joining a foreign exchange program, traveling while in school or college can be a great, rewarding experience. The biggest reason to see the world when you’re young is simple: you have plenty of energy and curiosity that’ll make any destination absolutely enjoyable. While travelers in the past had to deal with fold-out maps, hotel televisions and portable music players, today is an entirely different ballgame. Most of us can’t imagine being separated from our technology, which provides information, entertainment and more. Any student traveler hitting the road abroad or at home will definitely want to check out these gadgets before they leave.

TP-Link Wireless Pocket Router

Traveling abroad can put you into some pretty tough situations. Ensuring that all of your gadgets can remain connected to the grid is a top priority for many, and the TP-Link Wireless Pocket Router helps deliver. Currently available for under $30, the wireless router plugs into any standard wall outlet. Included in its design are two ethernet ports for LAN/WAN access and a USB port for phone and device charging. Measuring just 3 x 3 inches, it literally will fit into your pocket or any standard bag. This lightweight and affordable pocket router will be useful both during and after your trip, whether you’re halfway around the world or studying in a dorm at Rutgers.

GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro line of cameras has become a mainstay in the lives of amateur videographers, YouTube sensations and freelance video editors alike. As a traveler, the GoPro Hero 5 is a top-of-the-line addition to your travels and can help capture every single moment of fun. The voice control commands included in the device allow you to activate or pause the camera hands-free. Its touch display makes it easy to preview footage, trim it and see everything you’ve captured in real time. The housing is both rugged and waterproof; ensuring that you’ll get the best shots even in precarious travel situations. Currently available for $399, the Hero 5 is a perfect addition for anybody who loves to travel and film. Whether you’re merely wanting to have fun or you’re wrapping up your masters in social work with a documentary, this camera is an ideal solution for all things travel.

Surge II Backpack

When you are studying and traveling abroad, several common needs overlap. One of those is a sturdy, functional backpack. The North Face recently released its Surge II Charged Backpack, which has plenty of room for large gadgets and the ability to charge them. Its integrated battery pack gives wearers enough power to charge the average smartphone multiple times. The USB ports on the bag are easy enough to find and use, and the bag itself has room for massive gadgetry: you can easily stuff a 17-inch laptop, larger tablets and any other device you can think of into one of several compartments.

Whether you’re studying abroad or getting your MSW online, all three of these gadgets have intrinsic value. However, those who plan on studying abroad or traveling while in school will especially find value in how these devices keep them connected to the grid at all times. Tell us below about a particular gadget you can’t go without when on vacation.

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