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No matter what angle you try to see it, dieting isn’t just about losing carbs and fats but it’s also about building up the basic components that strengthening your body. And the best nutrient that can do just that is protein. Eating food rich in protein gives you the benefit of:

  • packing in plenty of nutrients.
    Protein-rich food supplies out body with nutrients including: B vitamins like niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and B6 complex; vitamin E; iron; zinc; and, magnesium.
  • building your muscles.
    Protein is the basic nutrient that makes up our bones, muscles, cartilages, skin and blood.
  • energizing your entire body.
    Protein boosts your energy more than any other nutrient because it is so rich in B vitamins.

Protein is a bit hard to come by when you’re on the road. In fact, it’s quite difficult to get the most of protein in preserved food. Here are three of the best tasting protein snacks you can bring with you anywhere you go.

  • Hard-boiled eggs

Not a lot of people know that they lack protein, in fact, they don’t even know that hard-boiled eggs are packed with protein. Protein is more concentrated on the whites of the egg that is why body builders have this knack of drinking raw egg whites on a daily basis. However, eating hard-boiled eggs as a whole is better than just chugging down some egg whites. Hard-boiled eggs barely lose any of the protein it contains compared to being fried.

  • Organic Beef Jerky

Wishing you could bring steak on a long trip? Well, Golden Valley Natural has exactly what you need” Organic Beef Jerky. All natural beef jerky especially when they’re organic is more than you can ask for. Not only is it rich in protein but organic beef jerky is rich in iron and antioxidants because the cow that it came from was not bred with chemicals that builds its muscles up. Unadulterated beef is used to provide your body with high quality protein-rich all natural beef jerky.

  • Dried Nuts

Almonds are nuts that contains the highest amount of protein, so eating dried nuts especially with almonds is a good source of protein. Dried nuts aren’t just crunchy and delightful, they’re extremely healthy too. Dried nuts are also rich in vitamin E and fiber.

  • Bottled Fresh Milk

Dairy products are good sources of protein, calcium and phosphorus. Getting a bottle of milk on the road gives you an energy boost that you, yourself, would not be aware of. Bottled Fresh Milk” unflavored, of course” is a protein drink that would definitely keep you on the go.

  • All Natural Cheese Bars

Much like milk, cheese is a good source of protein. Especially if they are organic cheese bars. Organic cheese bars also boost your body with calcium and vitamin 12.

Let’s focus our attention on a more accessible protein-rich food that any supermarket can provide: organic beef jerky.

Original-tasting all natural beef jerky would never get better than Organic Beef Jerky. Golden Valley Natural bring out the best of all natural beef jerky because their product is gluten-free and sodium-free. Their sodium free beef jerky is just the right source of protein needed on the road without having to worry about those dangerous chemical compound that drains you out.

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