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The building has been on Broadway since 1902 original EDH Burnham planned it for the Fuller company Therefore It’s name was the Fuller building. But New Yorkers have been calling at the iron building for a long time. The Flatiron Building Brings about much more attention than all the other buildings together in New York. Rote architectural record perhaps the most well-known architect of the world. The French Le corbusier called it one of the pioneer works of Modern Art. Trinity Church is one of those nice old churches gothic decorations fit, so well at the foot of the skyscrapers.

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This was a work by Richard upjohn building 1885, preserving the features of English Style. On the morning of September 11th 2001 in a well-organized action several terrorist occupied for Airliners. American Airlines flight number 11 crashed into the northern Tower of the World Trade Center At 8:46 a.m. according to New York time. S903 United Airlines flight 175 followed Smashing into the southern Tower of the World Trade Center.

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What TV stations we’re Broadcasting in Washington American Airlines flight 77 roared into the Pentagon building. United Airlines Flight 93 intended for the White House, Crashed in Pennsylvania state on a field near Shanksville. None of the passengers survived the explosion. The terror attack destroyed one of New York’s most prominent symbol The World Trade Center.

It’s Twin Towers caught fire after the crashes and barely an hour later. They collapsed one after another although no Terror organization has undertaken to whole responsibility for the attacks until today. Investigations pointed to the al-Qaeda terrorist group bed by Osama bin Laden.

In 1998 all Caillou to publish the proclamation accusing the United States is supporting Israel Standing military bases on the Arabian peninsula, And accusing them of aggression towards Iraq. The fox I held out the prospect of punishing America based on this. The authorities accused the organization of perpetration of the organized Terror sequences and started a war against suspected and real terrorists. Which is affected the whole world that said serious aftermath. We cannot yet know what political and economic interest led to the death, remembering the Kennedy murder.

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There’s not much chance we will ever know, at the beginning of the attack around midnight, i have military kind of Crisis operation was initiated commander guard post was established at the fire department. Apartment also mayor Rudy giuliani’s headquarters was there the Salvation Army set up mobile kitchens, St Vincent Hospital received the injured on the opposite side of the river in New Jersey. The temporary Mortuary with set according to First estimate tens of thousands of fatalities we’re expected, but summaries revealed that 2986 people died in the attack Including the 265 passengers of the four planes.

In the tower buildings in the surroundings and the subway stations below the towers A total of 2318 victims, we’re found Besides the World Trade Center block containing 7 buildings.

Also the Deutsche Bank building was so badly damaged, But it had to be demolished In addition Years of past and now the situation seems to have normalized. The Remains have been cleared away, the victims have been mourned and buried a heartbreaking memorial has been put up for them. However the impact of the attempt is sadder America, and the world will never be the same as it was before September 11th. Humanity is lost It’s innocence several films have been made about the attempt. Example the guys with Anthony lapaglia United 93 With Mark Wahlberg. And World Trade Center with Nicolas Cage according to an old decision of Congress. High buildings have to be narrow toward, the top in order to let more light to the streets. The Woolworth house erected in 1911 was built according to Cass Gilbert. Architect goldberger said the following about it gothic designs organically fit into the vertical shape with a 3 story building. It has an almost Mozart and quality to it extensive light graceful detail applied to a firm and self-assured struck.

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