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The Indian automotive market is a glorious melting pot that features dominant Indian carmakers, purely foreign brands and influential joint ventures that tag an Indian entity with a global automotive force. Thus Renault cars find the same flavour here as cars from Maruti Suzuki, and cars from Volkswagen India are similarly liked as Mahindra cars. All this works out well for the average Indian carbuyer, who is spoilt silly for choices.

A Global Economy- Limited Constraints, High Aspirations
Us Indians are a diverse lot, socially, economically and in terms of our small and big choices. Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad are microcosms that generally surpass the national economy and post an affluent front where accomplished global and domestic carmakers can profitably operate. Thus, pricier Toyota cars may not sell in B and C centers, they most certainly will in the aforementioned cities. Carmakers in general have understood this geographical divide and are thriving in the metros and other affluent cities across India.

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The demand is always there, though a vast majority of it will concern the entry level segment and the sub-10 lakhs bracket. However, this wouldn’t force Audi to tamper with the Audi A4 price in India, as this global brand is very well respected in the country and commands a very niche market. Though the recent news will have us believe that the number of cars plying on our roads has exponentially increased, India still sports one of the lower adoption rates for cars amongst its population. There is a rich market here, and every OEM knows this.

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