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There is almost nothing better than planning the perfect California weekend getaway experience, especially after a hard week at work. There is so much to do throughout the state, but one of the best things available includes a San Diego sailing tour. This is one of the best ways to go about seeing the city from the harbor. It is a relaxing and exciting experience all at the same time. One of the best things about a sailing tour, other than you can customize it to your liking, is that you get to view all of the amazing marine life the shoreline has to offer.

Marine Life Usually Seen During Sailing Tours

Sea Lions

Sea Birds

Of course, other water creatures make an appearance from time to time, but you can almost always guarantee that you will see dolphins or sea lions. This is just one of the reasons that these sailing tours are so well-loved.

If you are really want to experience the San Diego Harbor, consider a San Diego Whale Watching tour. These tours are the most popular among the tours offered at Fun Cat Sailing. As long as the whales haven’t left for the season, you can almost bet that you will catch a grey whale as it swims along the coast. Its large tail protrudes out of the water as it swims near the catamaran. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to tour the life around you in California.

The catamaran is a quiet sailing boat, so very rarely are the water animals disturbed from their natural habitat. They will usually go about their business as you enjoy the tour. Some of the marine creatures will even show off.

While you are on the tour, bring all of the proper gear you could possibly need. Nevertheless, if you forget any type of clothing items, Fun Cat Sailing has plenty to loan out during the duration of the private tour. Bring along a camera so that maybe you can capture the beauty of the whale as it swims past the boat. Whale watching is one of the most gratifying experiences. It allows you to feel close to nature and view such a large creature in its natural habitat. Living in California brings a lot of new experiences, and whale watching is one of them. Not too many people will ever get to view a whale so up close and personal.

Book your tour with Fun Cat Sailing today and try the San Diego Whale Watching Tour first. This will surely be an exciting adventure, and it is best to share it with friends or family. Scheduled sails can hold up to six guests, but if you may choose to book a private tour instead. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring the camera and prepare yourself to see one of the ocean’s most beautiful and largest creatures as it swims so softly past the catamaran.

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