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While it’s tempting to seek the convenience of fast food and restaurants for lunch and evening meals, finding a condo/hotel suite with kitchen or a campground where you can cook can save you a bundle. Here are some tips for making the most of your travel kitchen:

Stock your kitchen supplies before you leave home. Pack plenty of pantry staples such as dry and canned goods as well as condiments. Consider buying heavily used items, such as coffee, in bulk.

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Stock a reasonable amount of produce and other perishables (enough to last a few days). Purchasing an excessive amount of perishables before you begin a trip will only lead to spoilage and wasted food. Instead, restock on these perishable items throughout your trip.

For a fun and frugal way to obtain fruits and vegetables, visit pick-your-own farms and farmer’s markets along your route. Check to find these farms in the areas you’ll be visiting. Often, farmer’s markets sell cheeses, breads and jams in addition to produce.

If you’re camping, pack reusable tableware. Though paper plates and plastic utensils cut down on dishwashing time, they create a significant amount of waste, in both environmental and financial terms. Instead, stock up on reusable tableware at garage sales or thrift, shops. It doesn’t matter if all your pieces match. An assortment of patterns creates a fun, eclectic look that’s just perfect for a vacation.

Pack a picnic blanket, picnic basket, and cooler. This way, you’ll be able to prepare meals in your kitchen but enjoy them in the great outdoors. Take advantage of scenic parks where you can picnic during pleasant weather.

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