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The Milan Italy ambassadors (both foreign-service professionals and former politicians) that I’ve met over the years have all impressed me as being smart and politically Milan Italy sophisticated. I do wonder, though, what sort of life it is with modern communications bringing head office so much closer than it was in, say, the first half of the twentieth century, Milan Italy or in the era of nineteenth century viceroys and plenipotentiaries. Being a real ambassador may have been a lot more satisfying in the days of the telegraph and the Milan Italy steamers, when the type of science-related travel we experience Milan Italy (at times endure) now could not have even been imagined.

Where is Milan Italy? – Milan Italy Map – Map of Milan Italy Photo Gallery

Up for a spin

WAITING IN THE DEPARTURE area at Harare Airport in Zimbabwe sometime in the 1980s, it was well past our expected boarding time and it seemed increasingly unlikely we would arrive in Nairobi in Kenya even remotely on schedule. An Australian accent then came over the intercom -the pilot, telling us the score. Australians tend to be direct and this guy didn’t beat about the bush: ‘We’ve had a few issues with the old bus and we’re going to take her up for a spin to see if she’s okay.’ Less than an hour later he was on the loudspeaker again telling us, ‘Plane’s fine; we’ll be off soon.’

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