Hey talk about that whether we look pretty so. We’ve spent the last three days showing you beautiful Vancouver, and now it’s time to show you her ugly sister meet rank oeuvre released instead of look at this madness look at this rain guys oh my gosh we picked the rainiest of rainy day.

So I’ve seen in about a month all right Abby where are we we are in gas town right now, and it’s a really cool unique part of Vancouver it has a lot of character to it what what you definitely know it has a little character to it, and there’s just lots of cool restaurants, and coffee shops, and there’s a cobblestone roads will go to over that area after lunch. So let’s go it’s also a little bit rougher yes yeah it’s connected to a part called East Hastings which is an area where there is a lot of homeless people in Vancouver very large homeless population yeah. So that’s one thing it actually used to work out in gas town.

So what’s cool about gas town is that it is a rougher area. But it’s kind of like you know when derelict areas become cool, and hip, and trendy like this is kind of like the hipster spot here in Vancouver as Abby mentioned lots of really cool places to hang out for food, and coffee, and drinks this is often where Abby. And I will come in for going out at night.

Because there’s lots of cool bars around here we’re going to a breakfast spot called patch 122, and they have all-day breakfast which is really nice for those of you who like to wake up late probably like me all the breakfast is here are $13 Canadian which is like $10 u.s. which is actually like a really good price to pay to be in such a nice atmosphere, and have a good meal.

So cute is the best breakfast. I’ve had. So far yeah that’s a bold statement but.

I agree that was the best Eggs Benedict. I’ve ever had no. I think there’s some magic ingredients in there.

And I’m a little concerned you look at me what did they put in there truffle oil. But you don’t like truffle oil thought what something soon it was really good it’s like. I love it on to the next they’re gonna be a star right here you have some designer kitchen wares, and right behind it you have people sleeping in the alleyways that’s kind of like gas town in a nutshell it’s it’s a very odd contrast II place yeah there’s some serious Barb’s reinforcements here.

RAIN COUVER – VANCOUVER – Vancity Photo Gallery

I mean. I don’t want to make it sound like a scary place. Because like people here are very friendly like yeah everyone’s in different places in life gas town is a great area, and it’s on the rise yeah.

So this here is the main street of gas town it runs down this way, and there’s lots of really cool bars, and clubs, and right there is the Lamplighter, and Abby. And I go up there once in a while it’s a good place skully itself alright guys. I’m about to show you the world’s most overrated tourist attraction.

But here it is anyways it’s it’s cool it’s cool. But nothing’s this is like gas town’s thing to see whereas. I think.

I think gas town itself is like the thing to see. But if you want to pin it to one item this is the item that people come, and surround themselves for this year is the gas town steam clock that’s Donna not that that’s nothing every hour it makes a noise. Because all the steam runs through those pipes.

But you can constantly see it steaming if that’s what you’re into how do you feel. I’m feeling adrenaline pumping. I do.

I used to walk by here every day to go to work. So like. I’m kind of used to it but.

I still get the little excitement for the audience there in wonder right now this is something else look how spitting the mountains out today it’s a good thing we did the helicopter yesterday the business, and there’s a bunch of different art exhibits you can get First Nations are like that miniature little totem you can get an amethyst for when you have a really spectacular month on Adsense, and the fifth took Emma Emma Emma – Emma nemesis, and yeah. So we’re going a few new colors to the fall. So we have the go, and this is dish doer.

So they are a denim company they make awesome pants. I actually have this one pair of joggers that. I have worn throughout all of Romania Bulgaria.

I pretty much wore them every single day, and they’re made of a special material that like doesn’t build up odor. So you can wear them without washing them it’s a great thing when you’re traveling yeah they have a nice team also too to the moss in your son getting these from my next trip laura has gone to get the car but I want to show you guys one more place at the part of Vancouver history, and we don’t have the appetite to eat here right now if you haven’t noticed.

We’ve been stuffing our faces with food for the past three days this is save on meats. And I was actually reading on the website this little back story behind this neon sign apparently the neon sign was first turned on in 1959. But what’s really interesting is that in the 70s Vancouver had the second most amount of neon lights in the entire world just behind Las Vegas.

But then there was a no neon sign law put in place. And So they actually had to take this down. And So did the rest of Vancouver.

But when the law was removed they brought back the neon sign. And So this is restored to look like it did in 1959 which is really interesting that’s not the cool backstory of the restaurant. I mean I’m get a you can buy these jokes for 225 yeah, and people you can either leave one else, and donate them to us or you can take them with you, and give them out to people on the street instead of am giving money to people it’s like it’s like a form of currency you know exactly what they’re getting for it they can come inside here, and redeem it for like a selection of five different sandwiches. So for a lot of people said the only meal that they’d be getting in the day the owners or the conference call a better life foundation the site their charity program – true that we am subsidize this program, and we do a man Esther O’Neill program where we feed them over 700 people every day trainer six four days a year living in the several buildings down there. So if you guys are in gas town make sure to come check out save on meats you eat on the other side, and for 595 they have all-day breakfast it’s going to be the cheapest breakfast you can get an all event Coover you can even get a burger here that was featured on diners, and dives or some TV show like that, and it’s consistently one of the top ten burgers you can get in the city that’s where.

I had my 23rd birthday, and this is the place that Abby. And I probably go the most frequently not right there is BC place, and that’s where a lot of football games are held right here is where. I was living.

And I was up on the fourth floor. I was like right there basically, and it’s really cool. Because it’s part of my youtube journey.

I mean this place was amazing. I had such an amazing apartment. I was spending way too much.

But it’s impossible not to in Vancouver but I had a decent job, and it was paying me enough that. I had the ability to stay here, and you know it’s in Yale town it’s like arguably one of the more desirable places to live in Vancouver.

But when I decided to do my blog. I had to prematurely get rid of my lease, and it’s part of my story this is why.

I want to stop here, and show you guys this because so much has changed in a matter of eight months it was eight months ago that. I was living up there going to work every day.

But not happy yeah. I had a great apartment a great job. But it wasn’t making me happy it was taking away from my life, and not adding to it there is nothing more important than following your passion my life has changed drastically the past eight months.

But it’s been a hundred percent for the better. I am happier than. I’ve ever been.

I’m working harder than. I’ve ever been but. I’m doing what.

I love, and that’s what wakes me up every morning that’s what gets me excited that’s why. I do a five-day blogging Vancity series, and sleep for hours, and night like it just pumps me up, and gets me going with my day the shiny things in life don’t make you happier do what makes you happy. So this year is Yaletown horrible turn this is Yaletown this is Yaletown.

So the reason we put Yaletown, and gas sound together is not actually. Because of the geographic region they’re in. Because they’re actually not like adjacent they’re not touching you have to drive about 10 minutes to get one from the other maybe even about 15 minutes.

But the reason we put them together is. Because they’re actually quite similar. So gas town as you saw was very trendy.

But also had a bit of a rougher edge to it whereas Yaletown is kind of like that same hipster trendy feel to it. But without the rough edge to it. So prices are a bit higher this is so yogam let’s go we have to do this. We’ve never been in here before. But when in Yaletown.

So they have some organically grown plants here they got some kale basil lemon balm. I’ve never even heard that one good how are you the automatically water for us from electrical okay this is broccoli pea shoots a bunch of other healthy stuff peanut butter, and whey protein that’s really good yeah yeah. But never have thought to put broccoli in pea shoots in here.

But Mangler back still brave she got us our umbrellas the biggest Canadian law of them all. I remember the big criminals three years ago got arrested for feeding a goose. I did you need no not you you’re going to Falls Creek, and is right by the water they’re really nice apartment expense apartments.

But you have a crash pit yeah probably the ideal spot Lynn. I love the view that these apartment building pounds look at this parallel park. I just nailed it guys well low close on that side we’re back in gas town, and that’s where most nights end with a good slice of pizza we’re currently going down an alleyway to our final stop the wedding party there here’s like a cheese, and coffee shop this is where we’re going just arrived at our very last stop, and it is an alleyway here called blood alley.

And I just asked the owner of the business why that is, and it’s. Because the courthouse used to be just over there back in the day, and this is apparently where the executions would happen if someone was put to death. So they’d be hung here in blood alley it was also known to be an alleyway that you would never want to walk down basically back in the day you walk from that end to that end you were lucky if you made it out alive a seedy area that again has been repurposed by really cool businesses like this one here, and this is the salt tasting room the only way you’ll identify it is that, and that right there is a salt shaker can’t really make it out you pick you Jesus you hair with some meat, and then you condiments, and that’s all good to go it’s a classic Italian fennel tasty we just ordered our cheese platter, and meat platter.

And I just like. I don’t know any of these things to like it’s like please describe this one the mahone what’s in my own cheese, and then they go on to describe it, and like she’s using all these adjectives, and like ingredients that. I’ve never even had.

So it’s like. I still can’t get a bearing on what it is. But it’s going to be really good to order the local chevre with a mostarda we have Mahone with Guinness Monster, and Sicilian with some sort of like a date spread snow cheese dates.

I love Daisy what the heck when did it get. So nice outside all right before we had that unexpected interruption it has been a great day for here for blogging Vancity today has been all about food amazing restaurants little bars, and breakfast places, and some really cool shops we just saw homeless my trick we just we literally just kind of scarring, and it’s not over yet it sounds like they’re still kind of yelling at each other tomorrow is day five, and our final day of the blogging Vancity series. So until then guys if you made it this far in the post please give it a big thumbs up share it with your Vancouver friends or friends who are thinking of coming to Vancouver, and let’s get lost again tomorrow okay.

I had ended the blog. I know but I convinced fish to get ice cream.

So I was huge iceberg lover it’s a place called soft peaks, and it’s organic handcrafted ice cream we were supposed to be done we were supposed to stop eating we’re going for ice cream Wow it’s actually a honeycomb. I didn’t even realize they filled them like that remind me to never share a meal with Abby ever again she takes the honeycomb, and it was really hard to break up she puts the entire thing in her mouth bites off her piece, and spits the rest back in the ice cream, and then like alright here you go have some needless to say. I didn’t eat much ice cream it’s for the best it’s like imagine that leading the tram scene where they’re sharing the spaghetti except she inhales the spaghetti then coughs it back into the food that’s pretty much what just happened for the second time let’s get lost again tomorrow um of the day.

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