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Whether you want to get away from the stress of work, find a means to enjoy more family time together, or you want a solitary retreat away from friends and family, a caravan can provide all of that and more. There’s more room and greater facilities compared to a hotel room, there’s more freedom than is offered at a resort, and you can usually enjoy access to more amenities and on-site entertainment than you would be able to while staying in a villa.

Renting a caravan can provide a great way to get to know an area, or to experience an area of the country that you have yet to visit, but if you enjoy going back to the same place every year because you have made lifelong friends or because you cannot get enough of the location where it is situated, then buying a static caravan can provide you with even greater benefits. For example, you won’t have to struggle making a last minute booking if you decide you want to spend the weekend away simply pack the car or ready your case and head off.

Buying a static caravan not only means choosing the ideal caravan, but it also means opting for the caravan park that best fits your requirements. Features like a shop and restaurant, amusement arcade and playground for the kids, swimming pool and golf course, are some of the options that await you when making the final decision. Consider what you like to do, and what the kids will enjoy. After all, if you can easily keep the kids entertained then it is likely to mean a more peaceful break for you too.

Buying a static caravan may mean that you feel limited to holidaying at the one location for the near future, but if you choose a location that has a diverse range of high quality entertainment, venues, and things to do, then you won’t get bored. Do consider the location, and enjoy the freedom that a caravan holiday offers over other types of holiday and holiday accommodation.

There are costs associated with buying and owning a static caravan. You will, for example, have to pay to buy the caravan and then pay annual fees including site fees and possibly utility fees. However, once these are paid you can enjoy virtually unlimited holidays throughout the season without having to pay booking charges, and without having to pay inflated prices simply because you want to go away while the kids are on holiday. After a couple of years of regular holidays, the money you saved could even prove enough to cover the initial purchase costs.

Eating out and dining on take-away food can be great for a while, but even the most ardent fast food junkie will want a snack or a decent meal. When you own a caravan, you not only have access to the venues on-site and in the local area, but you also have your own kitchen and on-site shop. You can prepare decent meals, or you can grab yourself a quick bite to eat when you get in late at night without having to try and find somewhere open.

Oakfield Caravan Park offers a selection of beneficial features and amenities, while offering access to caravans for rent or to buy. Buy your holiday home, enjoy luxurious caravan park accommodation, and also benefit from easy access to the incredible North Wales area.

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