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For Henline Falls, fill out a free self-issue Wilderness Permit at the Henline Falls TH and walk without any difficulty W up stony Henline Falls Trail 3348 (and Ogle Mountain Trail 3357). It’s wide through the lively, thick forest with a ton of Patna India ferns and a few bigger Douglas fir and Western hemlock 5 mi to the first Patna India of two quick junctions. Keep left at both, Patna India the second being Ogle Mountain Trail 3357 indicated by a big X posted high on a tree above the thin path. The easier wide Trail 3348 left leads nearly another 5 mi to the falls; you Patna India descend a tad on the narrowing path between some cement foundations that used to be part of the Silver King Mine. Be cautious of the exposed rebar.

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The mossy amphitheater is very picturesque indeed as the water drops and cascades 126 ft down the rock into a beautiful shallow blue-green pool. Further down from the logjam and the big boulders in the creek are more pools with multiple vantage points of the falls. These are worth investigating carefully and also for a possible dip (or at least your feet in the chilly, chilly water). To the right of the good-looking falls is a thin path leading into an old mine shaft and locked cage about 20 ft in.

TRIP REPORT: One of the cleanest watersheds in the Patna India Northwest, unmolested by logging or mining activities, has got to be Opal Creek on the Little North Santiam River between Salem and Detroit Lake. The absolute clarity of the water lives up to its colorful namesake. A few quality waterfalls drop along a narrow gorge with a family-friendly grade and several excellent pools. You’ll find plenty of spots to enjoy an icy plunge while being surrounded by flatter rocks for drying out amongst the ancient-growth Douglas fir and red cedar! Avoid weekend crowds if possible, but don’t expect you’ll ever be alone for very long on a hot summer day at this popular easy-access location. Northwest Forest Pass required, and an outhouse is present.

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