Is Mauritius really a good destination for fun loving tourists?

Mauritius manages to attract thousands of tourists every week probably because of its wide-range of tourist attractions. Sea beaches with facilities to enjoy water sports, historic monuments, islands, museums, and parks are ample in Mauritius. Located in Africa’s southeastern part, the country is often referred as a paradise for every traveler.

Let’s take a look at places that can prove to be impressive for tourists with different interests.

Is Mauritius really a good destination for fun loving tourists? Photo Gallery

Visit Belle Mare Beach

When it comes to enjoying windsurfing, Belle Mare Beach is the name most recommended. It’s located near the famous Mahebourg town. Compared to the currents recorded at other beaches in this country, Belle Mare Beach witnesses a bit stronger ones. Thus, the beach is loved by individuals who like windsurfing. Golf clubs located nearby the beach also manage to attract tourists. The tourist destination is often crowded during weekends, so, try to visit it during weekdays if you hate crowded places.

Spend a day at Ile Aux Cerfs Island

Located in the nation’s Flacq district, the island is also often referred as Deer Island. Besides multiple sandy beaches and places that can help your mind to calm and relax, the island also offers wide-range of facilities to enjoy multiple water sports. Known as heaven for tourists who love snorkeling, the Island offers opportunities to take a close look at the underwater world. Make sure that you and your family at least allot one day to this destination.

While visiting attractions in the country’s east coast, you should consider staying at Anahita Golf & Spa Resort. It’s one of the best family hotels in mauritius.

Eureka House and nearby waterfalls

Located near Moka river bank, Eureka House is one of the country’s most precious historical monuments. At one point, it was used as a residence by French and English aristocrats. The house was built in 1890 and is also one of the largest ones on the island. Currently, it serves as a museum for artifacts from the country’s colonial period.

The place is surrounded by greenery, lavish gardens with many endemic plants.

Nature lovers would definitely find peaceful and calm environment in the nearby area which is also home to various trees and spectacular waterfalls.

Visit Trou Aux Cerfs volcanic crater

Located in the central Curepipe, this dormant-volcanic crater has also become a spot for morning-jog. Trou Aux Cerfs attracts several volcanologists every year along with researchers who wish to study cyclonic activities in the nearby areas. Experts believe that volcano can become active any time during the next one thousand years. Its crater’s depth is 100m.

Tourists keep their vehicles below and prefer to jog their way up. There are several benches to set and relax at this destination.

Visit Seven Cascades

Also known as Tamarind Waterfalls, this tourist destination is located near the Tamarin River. Tourists visit Seven Cascades to enjoy swimming, bird watching, and also to enjoy other adventure sports like cliff jumping, canyoneering, and hiking.

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