Miyajima Island

We’ve just checked out of our hotel, and we’re leaving Kyoto now in Hiroshima where the atomic bomb was at all very much what ended World War two, and our train has arrived we have just changed trains, and we’re gonna do a minute wide arm rest life is really good we just got off the train, and it’s so nice. Because all the nice hotels in Japan are near or inside the train station.

So this place again this actually connected to the train station. So no hassle you just get off the train put your bags away, and you can go explore Japan it’s awesome welcome to the crib show you how I live right over there in the flow a really well-known philosopher area travelling traveled all around Japan, and he said there was three spots in Japan that were his favorites, and he said this is one of them.

So it’s the island just over there gonna take a 10-minute ferry across, and we just got off the ferry, and we’re now in miyajima oh my gosh they just let them hang out around town look there’s one there one here went over there right gosh like it comes towards you. But a beautiful creature. But if it pops the balloon it’s gonna like freak out, and never trust anyone ever again Karl Karl they’re.

Miyajima Island Photo Gallery

So cute we’re going to a place called Nara, and that’s like our last day here in Japan, and apparently. I’m not either it’s gonna be like dozens, and dozens of these deer. And I guess they’re a lot more aggressive there.

Because if you have any food they’ll charge you. So apparently people will have like the slightest bit of food in their bag or pocket, and, I’ll just get followed by like dozens of these deer. So I’m super stoked.

I’m thinking about getting like a beef jerky vestment it’s really cool here just off the coast of Hiroshima stick guard dear that is. So funny would you like some sushi apparently from the age of six Japanese children will actually take the bus, and hit the trains on their own do they get themselves to school, and it just kind of goes to show. I guess there’s a much more trusting culture in society here.

Because back home. I don’t think anyone would let their six year olds go on the street this is such a cool little town this is really pretty this place is. So magical hello dear hello hello can I touch it this is. So cool did you give it some that’s so funny you want to pay you yeah look how tiny its legs are how do you can support yourself this is actually.

So cool they’re getting into a little trot deer just stole someone’s map, and now it’s just chewing on it he doesn’t care, and here is the water shrine duty wait 60 tons 9 meters in diameter, and it’s really big please knock on say it’s a heron or something no come back come back this place is actually magical there’s a totally unique experience, and this just screams Japan like there’s the cool traditional shrines everywhere they’ve got the unique trees here the mountain ranges it’s just. So beautiful. I’m awkwardly holding the selfie pole with my shoes.

So hopefully. I’m shooting all right Franklin the second something better comes along Franklin leaves me oh there’s nipped is his friend oh yeah you got their attention mark they’re like little giraffes think about the bigger picture think about the bigger picture he’s cut a packer nothing he’s throwing you one you gonna take that kick his ass man she understood. I think he respects that there’s none left.

But now he’s going for market look at it those are some big antlers yeah they’re really cool-looking Oh Abby you have to try touching the antlers oh my gosh they’re so soft too they feel like cotton oh this doesn’t get old why would. I eat that.

Because he needs directions it’s making the noises Abby. I like when they tuck their head in. I just run a caramel crunch ice cream in bread they give to a hot friend yes hot bread with cold ice cream time to get back on the ferry Miyajima has been one of my favorite stops in Japan.

So far it’s an absolutely amazing Island tonight we will go for dinner, and probably just take it easy. I don’t know if we’re gonna go out tonight tomorrow morning we’re going to the Hiroshima bomb site, and she’s gonna do a bit of a tour around here learn a bit about what actually happened, and yeah it’d be really interesting looking forward to that we are now leaving miyajima miyajima my dad sent us yonce or on the are right now nothing like a day on dad’s y’all. But 100 heck are all these people this is my dad’s yacht what are you guys doing on here cheese keep getting more hot bonds every year.

I look homeless. I’ve run out of clothing officially like. I’m wearing a t-shirt, and shorts that.

I’ve worn by three times. But they’re the cleanest. I have Laurie it looks nice actually.

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