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Small-Group Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour with Lunch

This post we’re going on the ultimate day trip from San Francisco. We’re going to wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma. Come on, let’s go. There are like miles and miles of vineyards. This is crazy. What’s cool is that they actually take you into the vineyards. Look, there’s a little baby grape. It tastes so different right out of the barrel. This is for spitting out your wine, but we’re probably not going to be using that today.

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This one’s a cab sav. This one has tons of flavor. We call it a bouquet of flavor. Like.. bing, bing, bing, bing. Now we’re headed to the next stop. A little Chardonnay before lunch. So excited to eat. There’s a two course meal to get excited for. Wow. This is a tomato soup with creamy saffron sauce. Mmm. These are home made ravioli. This is really good. Hi. Can I get a raspberry twist? Looks so good.

Look at that gem. Isn’t it crazy? Like look at the texture, yeah. This is amazing. It’s today. Oh, thank you. This is the first I got Absolutely unbelievable. If you ever get to do a tour in San Francisco, make sure you do the Vine and Dine. Cheers. The last stop of the day is here in Sonoma Square where you can wander around to some cute shops and have some cheese with your wine. I suppose I must taste this. Just to be sure. Cheers. My glass is empty but I had such a fun day.

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