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It may be all about avoiding the teeth of piranha. Perhaps it’s about battling the black marlin. Maybe you’d prefer shrimping while riding on horseback. Whatever your preference, the sport of fishing affords both holiday pleasure as well as local insight. And that’s not to say anything about dinner.

Salmon Fishing at Umba River in the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Reindeer herds, the aurora borealis, snow aplenty: Russia’s Kola Peninsula is no doubt a wintertime wonderland which is arguably beyond comparison. Nevertheless, come late spring, and Kola’s Arctic Eden alternates to a completely different form of paradise: That of salmon heaven.

Every May, fishing folks make their way to the Umba River at the Kola Peninsula, with an intent for casting for some of the very finest and fattest salmon on our planet. It’s believed that the Umba plays host to as many as five runs of salmon annually, which makes an almost ceaseless river of fish.

Nothing is easy here, however, as the Umba is very isolated, while the wading is tough going, and anglers must share their own space with one of the greatest of salmon fans: the grizzly bear.

Fishing season: May to end of October.

Black Marlin at Cairns, Australia

Giant black marlin are among the most desirable of catches to be had on the planet. It weighs as much as 1,650 lbs and is capable of swimming at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. The amazingly beautiful ocean stretch which lies between Lizard Island and Cairns no doubt is the optimum place to catch one. After all, there are more of these terrific creatures that are caught here than there are in the remainder of the world.

Fishing season: Early September to late December.

Piranha at the Amazon Basin, Brazil

After watching a movie that features piranha, it’s not surprising that the appetite for swimming among them suddenly vanishes completely. So, instead of swimming, it’s a wise pursuit to fish for them as a suitable alternative.

That said, head on to Manaus, which is the Brazilian state of Amazonia’s capital, and then partake in one of the tours that will allow you to capitalize on your skills at fishing for piranha. A simple slab of meat forced on to a sizable hook is plenty enough to land these creatures by the dozen. But do take care as those razor sharp teeth can slice through steel hooks, just as easily as they can cut through bone.

Fishing season: All-year-round. However, July through October is the Amazon’s dry season.

Fantastic fishing doesn’t end there, however. Be sure to check out the delights on offer at Kona, Hawaii, onboard the Ihu Nui.

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