One for the Road: The Best Snacks in Lancaster, PA

If you are one of those people always thinking about food, you’ll be glad to know that there are almost too many authentic and perfectly Pennsylvanian snacks hidden around Lancaster County. It is important to pay attention to those spots that hang off the map to find them – the ones that taste most like home.

Bird-in-Hand Antique Market

At the Bird-in-Hand Antique Market, you will find more than just delicious, local food. There are more than 50 dealers, vendors, and artists at this single flea market. For locals and tourists, this local market is sure to have something for everyone. From local recipes to random do-dads, an afternoon at the Bird-in-Hand Antique Market is never a disappointment.

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Dottie’s Snack Bar

Looking for a local frozen treat while traveling in Lancaster? It is a simple choice. Located at the Southern end of Lancaster County, you and your family can enjoy soft serve at this local favorite ice cream joint.

Hammond’s Pretzel Bakery

Known as the oldest family operated and handmade pretzel bakery in the United States, you are going to fall in love with the home style sourdough pretzels that the Hammond family has been baking with love since the 1930s. This family recipe is hundreds of years old and truly helps embody the importance of hard work. Hammond’s Pretzel Bakery truly has the best Amish-style pretzel in the world.

Lancaster Cupcake

Like Dottie’s Snack Bar, this place is sure to become a fast favorite. Selling cupcakes and smiles, the owners of Lancaster Cupcake truly know how to bake up happiness.

Pine View Dairy

If you’ve never tasted authentic, handmade ice cream, Lancaster is truly the place to start. Made from in-house milk, the Pine View Dairy makes and sells ice cream directly from their family farm. With a dozen delicious flavors, you and your family will surely love the taste of authenticity that shines so bright in the farming communities of Central Pennsylvania.

Tomato Pie Café

This quaint café captures the perfect charm of Central Pennsylvania. From delicious coffee to baked goods and delicacies, both tourists and locals will see heritage and beauty displayed in every aspect of the Tomato Pie Café.

Pair a stop for ice cream with more than a dozen fun things to do with kids in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Whether you and your loved ones are just passing by or you would like to see all that Lancaster has to offer, it’s a place full of local culture and family fun.

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