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Hey oh my god does this ever get old.

I don’t think this little ever get old Bali lifestyles the Sun is out it looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful clear day oh. I almost walked into pool with my camera. And I think the lens is probably fogging up that’s normally what happens.

Because of the humidity after being in an air-conditioned room Clara sitting on the fat season that’s not that’s. But it’s what is a fat pretty nonfat season you know. I really chose the cold Fat Freddy’s it’s a new day it’s a midday with new opportunities, and new people to meet sendin goodnight me.

Because it’s a new day the original recording is coming soon guys hold in there good morning how are you. I’m great thank you company yeah oh good, and you’re making its movie there mango juice awesome you got some delicious fruits to start off the day mango shakes freshly made from our kitchen Abby what more can you ask for thank you so much that looks delicious thank you stoves not detachable Oh.

So I’m setting up the glidecam right now which is that piece of jiggery right there we just did about like three or four takes of Abby coming through the front of the villa it looks phenomenal like. So good just spent the last half an hour with Rob here Rob is the owner of Dusan villa as well as the villa that we’re going to be going to after this one, and yeah it’s just like he was giving us so much insider information on places to see so.

We’ve got awesome trips coming up through his advice some of them are in Lombok some are in flores basically we plan to show you guys a lot of Indonesia in a very short amount of time he also just showed us this we had these very peculiar looking things sitting here we didn’t realize you can eat them this here is a salak Salak. I think, and it looks like snake skin it feels like snake skin you peel it open, and apparently helps with digestion. So this is what it looks like when you peel it, and there’s a little pit inside of it it splits into three pieces this here is actually just an orange for some reason they don’t turn orange here in Indonesia, and this is passionfruit doesn’t look very appealing on the inside it has like this weird like seeds with this like strange meniscus surrounding it basically you just put it in your mouth, and swallow it back like applesauce you actually don’t chew on it it’s a lot more enjoyable that way, and it tastes great.

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So that has been fruit tours with los LeBlanc don’t quite get this one mari the orange is green welcome to the crib how nice is this. So you’ve met Rob. So welcome to the blog, and welcome to the villa guys this is Hayley das bitch will sister you guys it’s so nice to see you, and meet you even though you’re like all this little hole huh it’s crazy basically she’s been here with tours of Indonesia yeah yeah. So how was that it was amazing actually. So it’s very rare for me to like be on a trip where everything is planned out yeah.

I really didn’t have to think about anything, and that rarely happens for me. Because that’s pretty good Oh totally everything out, and for one, and now she keeps missing, and you still get that. Because now you’re extending your trip, and you’ve got a villa waiting for you yeah oh yes let me play oh yeah guys that’s the thing.

I know. I will yeah well sorry you’re not here what is he doing girl what are you doing yeah. I was doing some weird.

So it’s like this, and it was like leaned over look in my dab good good it’s got a chicken, and pesto pizza, and some good company doing some editing the work never end that’d just fun. I’m gonna be open with you guys. I’m currently working on a new side business another revenue stream, and that is creating nice highlight posts for luxury hotels, and villas, and stuff like that, and of course what better place to build my portfolio than here.

So what. I want to do is a combination of flying the drone around shooting with the glidecam kind of giving people, and in essence a feeling of what it’s like to stay here at the Doosan villa, and the idea is when you build up your portfolio when the word spreads, and people see your work you can get pretty hefty contracts to come, and stay at these beautiful places, and create posts for them. I’m talking thousands, and thousands of dollars to do this.

So it’s a side business that. I’m gonna be kind of like you know toying with seeing if it works out. I’m gonna get started how did that drone play go makes me.

So nervous now, and every flight. So like. I’m going down yeah.

I keep. I was saying animal scratching he has to ship home with a bigger Abby what are we gonna do the rest today we’re gonna go watch the sunset on the beach which is not too far away bring my drone. And I also spent way too much time trying to figure out my drone today.

I think the remotes just broken. Because the range sucks. So well guys look at that the Sun is probably about an hour away from setting.

So the beach is just over there that’s where we’re gonna go in just a few minutes. But first also. I have a weird rash hey guys.

I feel like it’s been. So long since. I’ve talked to you.

I don’t know why honestly. I don’t know why but. I’m walking on his like spider contraption right now it’s just just you well cleanse is so incredibly wide-angled. But this is. So fun.

I feel like you can see everything whoa, and this leg is zoomed it to you let’s dim you guys oh wait what’s going on we’re gonna go on a sunset walk right now also too. I’m kind of sad. So I was like planning on getting my work done this morning, and then laying in the Sun getting a tan some a little pasty.

But that never happened that’s okay good thing we have three more or yeah three more days this beautiful villa but I feel like as soon as we meet up with the other bloggers they’re gonna want to like go go go adventure whereas. I just want to relax, and hang out in the Sun.

So a little scary we’re about to leave the villa don’t know what it’s like out here. But seems a bit risky to be leaving safety what’s out here what’s out here what’s beyond the gates more villas it looks magical here it is guys looks like the tides coming in it’s nice. I think that’s just sewage this way look how many bikes there are one of the coolest things about Bali is these Balinese gates, and it might be all of Indonesia but.

I’ve seen them in Bali. I love them yeah there’s some sort of like a local tradition thing going on here everyone’s dressed in white this is my idea of traveling it’s all about finding a beautiful beach a beautiful sunset tropical vibes. I love palm trees for me that’s like my number one signal that.

I am in the place that. I meant to be, and for me Bali is that place just beautiful beaches, and one of the things. I actually don’t see much in Southeast Asia is big waves when we were in Bali last time actually we spent our very last moments like the last two hours in Bali we were surfing, and we literally packed up the surfboard headed to the airport, and left, and at that moment in time.

I realized that like. I was going to learn to surf one day. And I think this could be the trip where we rent a board, and spend a couple days in the water just trying to get down the technique it’s not easy but.

I definitely think that. I’m a surfer. I was meant to be in the waves thank you you try yeah that’s ruffles boo yeah she doesn’t want to move good good vendor is piece of carrying things around 15 unlike the majority of Indonesia which is Muslim the Balinese people are Hindu.

And So I’m not sure exactly what the form of prayer they do is. But there seems to be some sort of a religious ceremony going on behind us everyone is wearing these white garments, and they’re playing the traditional Balinese music behind us to get home through this craziness yeah don’t use that Sidewalk. I wouldn’t recommend it too much.

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