I’m running late yeah. I’m gonna fit in my house okay. So how was your dinner it was really good what did we do we went up for dinner, and then we open cake pan, and have presents can I review. So we went for dinner, and we opened that present, and had cake, and now Christian. And I are leaving each other for four whole days.

I’m going off to Los Angeles we’re going separate ways no pumpkins pumpkins tonight we celebrated Abby’s fake birthday yeah she’s not actually 24 yet don’t tell me a whole day now they’re going to the mall. But in Ibiza real person hahaha to the nose okay yeah we are for Abby’s birthday tonight, and see you in Panama this is the lightest. I have packed it ages what’s up guys.

So we are now at the airport. And I’m meeting with Blake. So if you guys watch the blog where we’re going on the helicopter.

I already told you guys that we’re meeting up with Blake, and we’re going to Panama. I’ve never been. I’ve never been Central America.

PANAMA CITY Photo Gallery

And So this is like a really big step for me. I almost feel like this was like a sobering event where right now. I’m trying to blog with the a7s2, and it’s kind of heavy.

But it was a sobering event for me. Because I put myself in the shoes of you guys like when you ask me these questions like oh it’s a safe going to Thailand is the safe knowing the Philippines. And I’m like always like oh courts of States.

But for me. I feel the same way in Panama like make sure you’re careful when you’re there blahblah like. I’m kind of like a bit on edge but.

I’m sure it’s going to be fine at the end of the day. And I’m really excited it’s going to be warm. And I just need a bit of sunshine some islands, and tropical vibe.

And I’m just really excited guys we’re going to be seeing something totally new this here is the Vancouver International Airport international terminal, and it’s beautiful this Airport is actually like one of the top rated in the entire world doesn’t beat Singapore’s Singapore’s Airport is the best. But it’s a good one hidden behind a tree the lies of wild lake ready look how light we’re traveling to. I’ve never been able to pack all my stuff in one suitcase.

I felt like. I was missing something there’s been a couple of technological advances in my gear kit, and it’s making my life so much easier the new Mavic.

So the drone is literally instead of taking up half my bag it’s like the size of one of my camera lenses which is mind-blowing, and then. I also have a Steadicam now which is electronic. I was using like that massive manual one that went off weight.

And I think took up like that was the reason. I carried a massive suitcase around. So just like let’s improve my life for the better way through this is how you know you’ve arrived in Mexico City get ready done all right.

So this is not Thailand. But we’re going to give it a start. So not as disappointed on 7-eleven it is not like Thailand they don’t got no coasties, and they don’t have air conditioning it was like twice as hot in there.

But hopefully subway won’t let us down our final flight before arriving in Panama City folks right now but I just want to be there. I have another four hours on the plane in total it’s going to be like close to 14 hours of travel which isn’t.

So bad considering that playing a perfect run going Eva alright guys so. We’ve arrived in Panama. And I pretty much slept through the entire last leg of the race.

Because grateful sex feel free well rested out, and here’s p.m. a little Sun Tan.

But as. I was getting off the plane give me three pieces from me the guy puts on his vest, and by the way the best was like a replica of the suicide bomber in Fenton LA you definitely wasn’t wearing for fashion, and if you wearing Sebastian he totally fails on that part. But it was front, and back like the individual couches line in front of the vest riffle to warm confessed all.

I can say is that guy is a total Abel his goal is clearly only to get attention, and shouldn’t be allowed on the plane to be honest. But we made it safely, and now we’re in Panama. So let’s do it hey my fans are here what’s up guys alright Panama Airport runs a lot of Mexico Natalie dragons a inside, and outside the airport one thing you can expect if you like outside of the airport you’ll be pardoned by people with like an eye landing like all sexy sexy, and be was ugly SIM card $30 is us for seven days $30 us we found a random dude, and he’s going to drive it in.

So I don’t think we have a taxi. I just found a guy who look trustworthy yeah good face. And I was like hey you’re going to temp.

And So he’s charging us 25 us to get in Panama City in the old town is where. I’ve been recommended to go yeah. I feel.

So lost this is exactly how I felt when I got to Bangkok for the first time it’s just like it’s a bit overwhelming.

Because people are trying to like make money off you, and you’re like trying to save your money you’re also trying to figure out where you want to go. And I didn’t book anything like. I don’t have a hotel.

I don’t really know what’s good in Panama City. But it’s all going to work out it always does, and we’re going to get along my driver just told us about the Trump Tower over there right there is the Hard Rock Hotel, and here comes the traffic currently traffic in Panama City is really bad hello ha. So this is like really cool for me right now we’re going through this one-way street it’s been a long travel day, and this is definitely what.

I hope for it. I feel very like comfortable in this area we haven’t ventured outside of Old Town yet. But we’ll do a bit more exploring at Panama what.

I really want to do is. I want to find one of those hull skyscrapers that we saw on the way in. And I want to climb up one of them there’s a lot of abandoned buildings here.

And I think it’d be really cool if we found one that we could just like go up the staircase, and get all the way to the top, and get some cool photos, and posts kind of like a Bangkok ghost tower kind of situation there’s also lots of police officers enforcing this area. I think it’s. Because travelers come here, and they don’t want any problems yeah there’s been police officers at every corner, and look at that beautiful church you jeezum look at this beautiful little squares kind of reminds me of like a little Parisian feel hello everything.

I wanted is Lord right now we’re going to check out what. I think is the peach although this seems like a dead end like right now. I’m trying to blog with this camera.

I need a handle on it because. I’m just holding it by the lens, and like. I feel like it’s really unstable.

I felt it really tough to like turn it around. But let me know what you guys think you like the quality difference this is the internal microphone on the a7 f2 which is actually quite good. I don’t have like an external mic attached alright we found the beach like look at that come get your tan on head on down there.

I don’t wanna yes hi holy, and guys this is. So amazing like this is why. I travel.

I love finding these moments when you just come to a new place, and you just experience it, and like right now yeah. We’ve just scratched the surface. But there’s.

So much more to be seeing here we’re going to be here for like ten days, and this is the definition of getting lost like we literally had a ticket we had nothing else we’re going to go meet with a local person tonight who actually contacted me on Instagram he’s from Panama City, and he’s going to tell us kind of like how we can make the most of our time here we really want to check out two sets of islands. But we only have time to do one. So we have to pick, and decide which one will come back for another time.

Because I do plan to come to Panama at least twice, and San Blas Islands is kind of the one. I’m thinking. But then there’s also Boca del Toro.

So we’ll see which one we go with, and if you guys didn’t already know Blake is a postgrapher that’s what he does for a living. So if you want to check out his work, I’ll have a link down below Blake is actually the one who came to Thailand with me to film black Tufts, and that post should be done like how far along is black stuff. So we got another 10%, and then it will be live for you guys to see it’s going to be put on my blog really excited to share with you guys, and most of all.

I’m excited to see what it does. Because like the purpose behind it wasn’t just to be entertainment value it was actually to create social change, and that will be the exciting part to see does it actually impact the way the tourism industry coexist with the elephants in Thailand, and Southeast Asia welcome to bachelor pad this is what you get for 40 US dollars plus another $4 in hotel taxes. So yeah basically like 40 for us, and 65 Canadian it’s very very modest you know no Bangkok if you spend this amount of money in Thailand.

And I know. I keep comparing to Thailand. But it’s.

Because like that’s where. I call my travel home like when I travel a lot.

I go to Thailand. So I compare that to Thai prices this is not very good value compared to Thailand. But we’re not in Thailand all right here’s our uber at all.

I know not all welcome papa hello. I don’t know Spanish. I speak French but.

I don’t see any Spanish. And I just said hello, and you are joking yes. So right now we are off to meet with Eduardo, and we actually just met Eduardo through Instagram.

And So he’s offered to show us around he’s told us to meet him at this craft beer place where we get some of the best kind of manian beers uber got us here for like four dollars, and this is where we’re going la donna de da de la donna Dorada Kylie this little frog logo, and here’s the problem let’s see there are 1 2 3 4 locations. And I didn’t realize that when Eduardo told me to meet him out not know about that. I just took the first one on Google map, and he’s at a different one.

So he’s actually going to come to us calling it his take in like 15 minutes this one means. I’m some Blom’s beer this is Eduardo he reached out on Instagram he watched the helicopter post, and that’s how he saw that. I was in Panama this is like definitely a city that.

I could live in just based on my first initial six hours here like. I say that about a few places Bangkok Bali Panama City. I know there’s a lot of places.

I could live, and definitely one of them okay. I just found out that they do not have power until 6 a.m.

So they turn off power at night obviously to conserve it. But oh my gosh we have no windows. So we’re like in the middle of the hotel our room is boiling hot.

I’m not going back to the room until 6:00 which is in like 25 minutes all right guys. So the entire Hill is in darkness. And I went downstairs down four flights of stairs like through the dark dark, and kind of creepy turns out the power turns off every night until 6:00 a.

M. So it’s obviously like some sort of effort to conserve energy. I didn’t know that my focus would help for a 40 for US dollar a night hotel.

I definitely didn’t expect that. But anyways good piece of insight for you if you come to Panama make sure they don’t turn off power in the middle tonight bump, and a block here some awesome first 9-pound see. And I’m super excited she has a counselor all right guys let’s go again tomorrow, and leave the post thumbs up, and subscribe you you.

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