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When most people visit Thailand they usually get stuck ever in a silky sand beach or in a bar in Bangkok. Don’t get me wrong, these destinations are near perfect and offer a piece of paradise to escape from a daily routine, but that is not all that Thailand has to offer. Here are a few things most people tend to miss out when they book their holiday from sites like Simply Thailand Tours.

Top Thailand Experiences

1.Sailing. So you found the perfect island and beach for you. But why stay there when you can take a boat and explore the plenty beautiful islands around you? Ger aboard a catamaran with a skilled captain and sail along the unspoiled islands and set anchor under the stars. Maybe even take diving gear with you and explore the vivid and filled with life corals in the area as well.

2.Treks in the jungle. Learn the secrets of jungle survival, venture through tropical forests, meet indigenous tribes and cool off in magnificent waterfalls. If you want something more easy-going then hop on an elephant and take a ride along breathtaking landscapes.

3.Party on the beach! International Djs, thousands of people, dancing all night, and watching people jump over fires, maybe even joining them. Thailand has well known Full moon parties, but if you want something with a smaller crowd and a bit more friendly then the half-moon or the black moon parties are best fitted for you.

4.Scuba diving. Corals and the deep sea are a great place to dive, but what can beat that? The best and cheapest scuba diving experience in the Gulf of Thailand of course. Swim with harmless sharks and dive to explore ship wrecks left behind from World War 2. Numerous battleships and submarines are waiting for you to explore them.

5.Exotic cuisine. Sure, you knew that. But why settle with the casual tropical smoothie and the usual food offered to tourists when you can be more adventurous and look for something extra? Thai cuisine is mouthwatering and it certainly is worth your time to enjoy. There are plenty of different dishes for you to try every day.

More than meets the eye

As you can clearly see, luxurious hotels and postcard beaches are not the only things that Thailand has to offer. There is something for every type of personality that fits every budget. Be sure to check out and look past the clich© activities. You may find something positively surprising.

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