So my days off to an amazing start.

I turned on my drone, and it’s actually working, and on top of that. I was eating breakfast. I saw the bread this looks good.

So I grabbed a big piece of bread it’s got like oregano on the bread it wasn’t oregano it was full of mold it was like a giant moldy piece of bread. And I didn’t realize it was about 1/3 2/3 done eating it, and then. I look over to the guy who gave me the bread like you know this is mold right, and he’s just like we both like each other like about to spit out our food oh my stomach like feels upset but.

I don’t know if it’s just like I’d have discussed or like mold one of the two Squad is strong today Wow such a beautiful city hi they’re back yeah do you have any with mold on it all this stuff looks. So good face time in bay in the middle of Romania. I got a good phone plan a 10 gigabytes of data.

So now they can always be with me while. I’m in Romania. So yeah yeah Abby tell them what your training for a half marathon on Saturday here’s the entrance to the cave it’s gonna be like 12 degrees in there.

Because it’s underground it’s much cooler. So this is pretty sick we are 600 meters into the mine what do you think we’re gonna have a lot of fun to ever see. I could get lost.

I think we took the wrong turn. So the walls are actually salty if you lick your finger you can taste the salt would you look at that would you look at it okay would you take a second look at that oh my it is. So beautiful don’t look at it yeah just look.


I would just have a look. So I don’t quite understand it. But this is the extraction machine.

And So you can see these posts here there used to be a rope tied to it, and a horse would go in a circle that have four horses going at once holding this machine, and essentially. I guess it drills into the mine. I guess it also says that the horses.

Because they were in this like dimly lit place non-stop 24/7 they would go blind within two weeks, and by six months they would just be dead what would you look at it almost like ice did you see salt all over the ground anyone play Donkey Kong this reminds me so much of Donkey Kong DK got you like jump, and rails rail into Moria just another shift at the mines. I don’t know about you guys but.

I’m ready for d-day oh nice down here temperature is great the weather is always the same would you look at that would you look at it this is one of the coolest things. I’ve ever seen it’s literally an underground Kingdom down here after a long tough day of working the mines this is where you take your break a 15-minute break you know just tell the Romanian ferris-wheel your other friends. I’m not an expert on salt mines.

But Matthew come to judge the actual study in salt mines Romanian one. I have a specialization. I have a degree in sunlight yeah.

So what are you take on the ferris wheel the skipping woman for billiards, and the ping-pong is a traditional it’s very traditional specialty for a meetings online all this stuff is being here that girl skipping-rope that’s why you travel with an x-ray of course you got your mini pot yeah standard down there you can actually rent little paddle boats go around this whole salt mine, and look how tall it is hey guys doing down there very very efficient stairway system ever get in room in you this is not for claustrophobic people that’s for sure hello how much farther does it go down we’re getting these pipes or another there is some massive line to get up the stairs. So once you go down you’re like trapped we keep going down, and down probably like. I don’t know 15 floors of stairs, and they’re like this thing is lost this time come on there’s officers oh great alright we made it out.

So sick what the heck actually unbelievable there’s a hell of a line for the broats. But we’re gonna get the bros on the boat go for a boat ride. So that is piled up salt from dripping down from the ceiling.

I’m getting like drips of cells on me like every 10 seconds you can see how that would build up pretty great we’re going in Oh. So we are now heading into the underworld way to visit Hades she’ll be the undead for the dead it’s really cold in here now. I mean you’re moving before but.

We’ve been in line for about 25 minutes. So I am a couple degrees too cold all right Stein just uh slot it on in yeah very good Oh best of luck to you, and you can t cast off the thrush one go you make the phone one time ready to show ready to blow drop it down in the salt mouth around these things nothing spy 192nd. I’m busted back to back in this day deputies say still here rapping together nothing better like whenever you want to save some campaign funds.

So crazy freestyle rap stir fun intelligent measure horrible this olive all. I want man push the button push the button it’s gonna just like fill up with water in you that’s what’s gonna happen alright we got through that set of stairs now just these ones oh my gosh daylight never thought I’d see it again we’re back in Cluj we went through like a crazy rainstorm it’s chilled out a bit now. But it’s still raining pretty hard.

So let’s get a cab ladies don’t stand a chance the internet doesn’t work here right now. I don’t know why. I like green, and it’s been really good Romania but.

I have a phone plan it’s like 10 gigabytes. I’m just hot spotting it, and literally uploading my my blog post using my phone. I’ve never done that before.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and this upcoming blog is lit if you haven’t already seen the blog where. I fly my drone around a castle click it’s one of my favorites man he’s this. I think it’s very handsome a thumbs up for handsome man – Matt Stein just left they went for dinner.

I’m gonna be joining them in a sec but. I’ve got to finish up my blog. And I also have someone coming over, and you’re gonna meet him in a few minutes Robert what’s up at you guys this is Robert Robert is from Romania he’s going to be coming out with boys tonight we’re going for food free tune, and what’s this thing called food money huh malinka Cheers look at those beautiful blue skies yeah it’s cleared up yeah it was super real oh it’s gonna be right through our guys today.

I’m gonna show all right we made it kind of like the place we were at last night steampunk you as well this was eight lay or in other words about two dollars oh yeah all right where are we going this doesn’t look like a bar all right. So this place is literally made out of cardboard these chairs tables are cardboard it oh oh my god making news are we gonna film guys it’s a ladies man all right see you tomorrow Robert we may be seeing him tomorrow if we save the action night in Cluj oh hey there you just caught me. I was about to grab a book from my bookshelf.

But anyways my Knights coming to an end. I’m just going to read a few of these novels. But in the meantime please leave the post a big thumbs up guys it means a lot more than you think, and have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces no time spent nothing.

But a Romanian fable fairy tale is dry she lost something. So spectacular that two fangs time William can’t spit the reins off the brain you can’t train to maintain me, and you spend truth lever spitted with no please the Blue’s Clues manna can’t lose to bump something frontin to be dance-off kickin alive on the street it’s a crazy feast they.

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