Do not come to atmosphere resorts you’re on a strict diet food is way too good here it’s not fair all right we’re just let’s leave the resort, and go to our first destination which is these two lakes between the mountains, and right as we’re leaving we tell our waiter where we’re going he’s like oh be very careful, and we look kind of look at each other like what we’re going to the lakes, and he’s like be very careful, and we’re like why like it’s a mystery there’s a mint apparently there’s a myth that there’s this creature that will pull you down into the lake, and grab you by the legs. Because people have gone missing in this lake like multiple times. So better have the underwater camera ready.

Because we’re going in actually. I don’t know if we’re going in or not. But gonna have the intro to camera ready anyways, and after that we’re going to the sandbar we have arrived at the Twin Lakes about two hours later.

And I was crazy whiny road to get here gonna investigate the dangerous lake monster, and guests awesome shots with Ronnie’s drum they’re like upside down – it’s almost looks like one of the Pokemon. I used to have do you know John time Oh biodiversity cool alright. We’ve hit a roadblock Ronnie has been told that drones are prohibited in this lake we’re trying to reverse that decision.


I don’t know how we’re going to do it one of our guides has gone to talk to them hopefully we can get the drone in the sky. Because this is actually just one of the two lakes if we get higher you’ll see there’s another lake on the other side, and at about a hundred meters it look amazing mission failure it’s a bird sanctuary we are not allowed to fly there whatsoever on to the next place the next best thing lake just outside of the lake got some wicked shots, and now we’re going to the sandbar, and literally it looks identical to the Maldives in the photos let’s see if it looks like that in person hoping that the water is calm. Because if the waters really flat it will appear to be almost like a mirror, and you can see the sand below it just really lights up all the water it could easily be one of the best shots.

I’ve ever seen with the drone. So we’ll check that out we’re grabbing some lunch at Jacob’s barbecue house here in Dumaguete back on the road yeah this is. So cool woman yeah there yeah.

I was supported few you. But oh okay. I get the dolphin window shut up look yeah we’ll go see you name hold on whoa hold on your Bulldog we’re on the pier right now, and we’re going to the sandbar our boat that was going to take us broke down, and they’re trying to repair it.

But they can’t figure it out quite yet, and we’re in a bit of a hurry. So they’re going to actually tell our broken boat with a smaller boat, and try to fix the broken boat while we’re like being pulled out to sea, and worst-case scenario we will to be pulled out to sea by a smaller boat that’s the Filipinos innovative nature this is bulldog thank you both yeah this with his little boats gonna pull up look at Bulldog oh he’s pulling us right through murder Bulldog go Nikki. I’m talking Bible dog okay full speed ahead little Tank Engine who thought he could you’re gonna be in my my blog post but.

I did. But moving it out. But repairs are coming along just swiftly just woke up, and we’re here land ahoy this is literally one of the most beautiful places.

I’ve ever seen the water is probably only like a foot deep. So you can actually see the sand nice beautiful white sand you can rent these out for the night there’s only a few of them. But look at this it is so stunning. So this is the killer shot kettledrum killer drone yeah Gavin already follow drone heroes this is your chance catch exclusive content Joe Harris lions roaring in the Morning Sun searching for Valon good day people feeling like the light has just come we must never stop the way okay. I think.

I’m starting to burn better stay safe Oh much better. I just ended gender inequality in one post we will always take a step for the people let’s go back to she’s my son Oh Oh my beauty, and they luckily got the engine started way to go. So you can see the sandbar just drops off here, and we’re starting to get some exposed sand it’s so beautiful the drone is back that’s mission accomplished some of the most beautiful footage, I’ll ever see based on where we are, and based on the sheer amount of stuff we shall be really recording non-stop. But like the past you’ve ever Wow look at that fire are they burning garbage good-bye sandbar, and back to the resort bulldog all right thank you for a great day John see you we’re back at atmosphere resort. So after a super long day we just booked a massage for tonight.

So our massages in an hour gonna go enjoy a cocktail get dinner, and my back has been killing me the past five days all right. We’ve checked into the sanctuary. So we’re doing the signature one hour massage full-body back legs feet.

I’m pumped. I’m so sore all right they just brought over four different kinds of oils.

I can’t smell a thing. I’m like. I feel like my colds coming back.

But anyways thank you separated goodbye Ronnie. I have never been more excited for a massage like an hour, and a half worth of heaven that’s massage you’ve ever had in my life, and like it’s not just a massage it’s like a full experience like right now. I’m in the back of the spa rooms a few each kid runs separates ballroom, and Mike got a shower the bathtub a toilet got all the lotions conditioner.

I could possibly need, and like everything about it was just. So perfect. I’ve never been.

So relaxed in my life. And I came in here with like such a sore back, and now my back is totally loosened up it was therapeutic relaxing. And I feel amazing.

I’m gonna shower get all the lotion off, and he was wondering. I use the vitality loyal, and as if it could get any better literally just showered beneath a full moon how you feel you smell like vitality yeah. So we’re just about to order, and right over there.

I don’t know if it’ll pick it up very well there’s a big lightning storm going on over there. I’m surprised ins aren’t they not bad 400 minutes hopefully it doesn’t go up all right guys that is the end of the blog for tonight tomorrow morning we’re getting up at 8:30 to go scuba diving we’re going to go to a po island the same places we were at yesterday. So we’re going to hopefully see some sea turtles, and yeah.

I need some sleep. I’m really exhausted how can. I guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow just got his nice a night.

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