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Rockaway Beach Wayside

Late May

One of the longest-running kite festivals in the Northwest, the Rockaway Beach Kite Festival launched—so to speak—way back in 1977 at this alluring little oceanfront town strategically located about midway between hyper-popular Cannon Beach to the north and the richly interesting Tillamook area to the south. The kite fest is sponsored by the American Kitefliers Association (AKA), an international organization that is the largest association of kite fliers and kite clubs in the world. The AKA is actively involved in a variety of other Oregon kite festivals, and the beach events are always a big hit—what better place to enjoy colorful kites and gorgeous scenery?

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The Rockaway Beach Kite Festival transforms the lovely sand beach here into an aerial kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and patterns. The event includes friendly unofficial competitions, and contestants can win awards not only for the nicest kite, but also for some fun categories, such as the kite that drags on the ground the longest before becoming airborne. The festival

Colorful kites fill the skies at Rockaway Beach during the town’s annual Kite Festival features special classes for kids, teaching them how to build and fly their own small kites, as well as a variety of demonstrations and exhibitions by veteran kite flyers. Kite enthusiasts are also encouraged to bring their own kites to fly.

Throughout the long weekend, the festival also provides outstanding live music by regional artists, along with a variety of vendors that include kite paraphernalia, craftspeople, and great food choices. In addition to the festival activities on the beach and at the spacious wayside, Rockaway Beach offers a variety of tantalizing restaurants, interesting shops, and outstanding beaches. Access to the area beaches is excellent—from the mouth of the Nehalem River at the north end of town (Nedonna Beach) to the scenic Twin Rocks Beach at the south end of town. The community provides numerous beach-access sites, most of them unmarked at the west terminus of the side streets off Highway 101.

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