Safety Tips For Traveling In A Car

The Umbles

‘Umbles’ ia simple term to remind you of these symptoms. The ‘umbles’ are stumbles, mumbles, fumbleand grumbles.

In very cold conditions, expect hypothermia to be a present and real risk and take stepto find shelter.

Hypothermia – countermeasures

The advice idifferent if the victim ion land or in the water. If you believe that somebody isuffering from hypothermia, seek shelter and urgent medical advice and assistance.

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Road Trip Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

On land

Let somebody know where you are going and when you will be back.

Arrange for them to check on your return and raise the alarm if you do not return when you should.

Carry a whistle to signal rescueror people around you.

Carry a signal mirror or flareto signal aircraft in more remote areas.

Road Trip Safety Tips

In the wilderness, try to make a signal that ivisible from the air, for example by laying branchein a cross, or by making a smoky fire that can be seen from a distance,

Find or make shelter asoon ayou can. Dig a snow hole (a cave in a bank of snow – but don’t get buried or cause an avalanche). Build a shelter from any materialyou can find. Get in and get out of the wind but keep an air hole open (don’t suffocate).

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