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Enigma Recovery is a top ranking data recovery service that is able to recover data from any device, even if it’s broken. The best thing would be for no one to have to deal with broken devices and data recovery in the first place, but if you’ve wound up here then that’s probably exactly what you have to deal with right now. Just because it’s an inconvenience doesn’t mean it has to be difficult and tedious as well. Enigma Recovery makes sure you recover photos from broken iPhone, get your files back super quick and that you keep your sanity in the process.

There’s no obstacle big enough for Enigma as it can recover all kinds of files ranging from photo and video to notes and text files, and of course messages. Network messages or WhatsApp messages alike can be recovered in an instant.

Recovering data from a broken iPhone can go one of two ways. Enigma Recovery is able to help with recovering from the device itself or the iTunes backup.

Recovering data directly from a broken iPhone

Your phone might seem gone, but it might still be well and alive deep down. Don’t lose hope! If you manage to connect your phone to your computer and the PC responds, you have every chance to recover those files.

Fire up Enigma Recovery and connect your iPhone through USB. If the software detects your phone, simply use the scanning feature to scan (obviously) your phone’s database and find all files, both current and deleted. When the scan is complete the software will give you a list of all the read files. Keep in mind that when new information is written in the database, older files are erased forever so make sure not to use your phone extensively. That won’t be a problem since the phone’s broken.

Recovering through iTunes
There’s also a possibility for the first recovery method not to work. If you’re phone’s is lost to the point where plugging in the USB cable and not getting any response from the computer is your reality, then you have to scan the iTunes backups instead. Your iPhone will regularly make backups of its files and store them to iTunes so just open Enigma Recovery and choose Recover from iTunes backup. All the steps after that are exactly the same. Once you have your files, export them to a safe location in the format you desire.

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