Day number two of living here in the Indian Ocean we’re currently right off the coast of Komodo Island right behind this beautiful lady is a pink beach, and pink ish yeah behind Cody. We’ve heard that there’s some manta rays chilling around here it’s also the season to see them. So we have a really good shot of seeing them.

I’ve slept on a bench. I usually go to bed there were beds we ran out of beds around a bench for me that’s what happened here like help Josh you take the bench bro. I like what the whole flight jacket guys check out our snorkel gear their full face they have a GoPro flip on the top, and this is up here.

So you like can’t really inhale water ready alright guys. So we have made it from our boat all the way here to the world-famous maybe slightly overhype pink beach when I get closer.

I can actually see there’s a lot of different red, and pink rocks, and minerals here in the sand. So I guess that’s why they call the pink Beach there’s very few places that. I’ve seen that are more lively than this for wildlife or marine life.

I should say we have five tons of different fish look at him with a beautiful blue starfish. I’m gonna name him Patrick guys we’re up to our next place. And I am.

So excited. Because we may be seeing one of the coolest animals in this entire region maybe the entire world cat we’re gonna go see cats water cat. I spiked the car to get back well.

INDONESIA This is a DREAM Photo Gallery

I’m we’re exhausting than getting out there oh my gosh a mermaid. I honestly don’t know how Josh is gonna get back. Because he’s not a very good swimmer.

And I had a hard time with the current three two ready. I’m counting down thank you you want a lifejacket yeah we gotta save Josh coming the best my life. I used to be a last name he used to get a lesson.

I was gonna turn back or go to the rocks. And I was like well Ali maybe someone’s gonna stay at me, and Christian came out there, and hook me out cuz. I would have died or okay stop this.

I was gonna go to the rocks down there but I don’t know you could have lived on the pink beach for real what. I just went back to the pink beach it was like waves pushing me back.

I was a dare. I was strong. I was like.

I’m stuck out here yeah Shawn stay alive in. I’m just trying to survive, and blaster-bolt kept going away from the from it’s totally the call the coroner all right we may have already seen the mantas like we’re just pulling up here, and there was a massive black thing that just went by, and this is the season we’re in the right time to come see them right now. So we have very high chances of seeing some awesome wide Wing Commanders like we’re gonna head in there in just a sec first.

So what’s the game plan Josh five meter radius on the boat. I can only go to. I will drown now Lynn haha all right now the bus is pulling me, and we’re gonna go find the Mantis what guys.

I was just swimming with two massive mantas like they have to have been at least like maybe five meters below. So like you don’t get the full size until you get closer. But they are so incredible oh my gosh guys you got to get in here the other dial edge N’Dour live long enough to be a villain Oh absolutely incredible guys there are such graceful animals they literally are just soaring through the water. I was a little worried gets you close to them. Because like.

I know that’s how Steve Irwin died but. I’m confusing stingray with manta ray. But they nonetheless have the same tail which is kind of intimidating, and they’re also pretty big we can see the mantas breaching over there oh my gosh they’re above water.

I’m going to wrestle out that jump on its back, and swim with it have you guys even seen it properly. I think. I might be the only one that saw.

I thought there’s no one here we go squads ready to drink no anything II don’t have a face anime you start Beibei obvious miscommunication now do you guys want to see a really good view go to Josh’s blog it’s basically him drowning the entire time gotta find. I swear he’ll try to catch one eventually. But this is the pro tip by the way.

I have the GoPro set to narrow view. Because it’s so wide angle you wouldn’t really get a good shot of the Manta if it was far away.

But when I got too close to it. I wished.

I was wide angle how was your day been why city matters. I’ve always wanted to see one. I know you’ve heard about them we are literally just like cruising through the middle of Indonesia like in the middle of the ocean there’s barely anyone else around here it’s such a cool feeling to be doing what we’re doing we actually had all this transportation, and guide setup through this as Florez.

So thank you so much to this as flores for setting it up my recap on the Komodo rinche on tour is that. I found that going to Komodo Island, and to Renshaw was a bit redundant.

I would have rather just had done one, and instead of going to two Komodo Islands which are very similar. I probably would have done like a pond or trip there’s this incredible island called Pandora where you can get an amazing panorama shot we didn’t end up having time to do it. Because we’re literally heading to the airport now the Komodo dragons are a must-see.

But they weren’t my favorite part of what we’re doing right now my favorite thing of what. We’ve been doing the past two days is this just hanging out on a boat being able to snorkel, and check out the mantas being able to go check out beautiful pink beaches stuff like that. So all in all this has been an incredible trip.

So we are now heading we’re heading back to the mainland to Labuan bajo which is where the airport is. Because we’re going back to Bali today yeah we got about five hours. I think on this boat until we’re back on the mainland talk to you soon oh yeah yarr mateys twas very good sailing the seven seas wouldja power, and let me get the hook hell no was a very good scallywag yes.

I’ve got my sea legs now alright guys thank you very much have a good day thank you it’s been a pleasure all aboard land ahoy whatever we’re back in the port it was an amazing experience, and we’re back in the lime green bumble bee oh look at these 12 inch subs in the back lit all right Thank You Louis take care yeah great guide, and he knows the Komodos inside, and out guys so. We’ve actually just checked in our bag, and they don’t even charge for checking in baggage. I was overweight.

I was 21 kilograms thank you yes nom air that’s we flew it high Oh Oh kill him boom boom watch it what was your high landlord number one thing of Flores. I think see no matter. I thought oh.

So cool yeah that was really cool my number one thing was just hanging out on the boat just being a pirate for two days our 75 minutes to get back Molly. So very short let’s do it alright guys that’s our villa we rent it through Airbnb the price for all of this is about 90 Canadian dollars for two rooms. So split between four people that’s really affordable that’s about 70 US dollars for both these rooms.

So I’m on the move. I’m gonna go for a swim. I’m gonna end the blog here cuz well it’s been an amazing day it’s also been a really long day let’s relax boys okay it once again tomorrow let’s get lit again two more give it tomorrow what guys if you made it this far in the post please leave it a big fun you.

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