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It is a cold day here in San Francisco, but we are gonna heat things up with a little Segway tour. I’ve never been on one of these things in my life so I’m pretty excited. How’s it going Chelsea, I’m Ryan. How you doin’, I’m Chelsea, nice to meet you. I’m ready to rock. Awesome, I’ll be your tour guide. This is less extreme than you’re all expecting, you’re only standing about eight inches off the ground, so if you’re nervous, relax. By the end of the day you’ll be as good as me. High five. Good job. Alright, so I’ve been on the road for about five minutes now, the Segway maniacs are taking over San Francisco. I’ve hit a top speed of about ten miles an hour. Left turn in the middle of the street. We are now heading toward Coit Tower.

It is a beautiful day here in San Francisco, it’s like 65 degrees, absolutely perfect. I’m havin’ a good time. So here we have Fisherman’s Wharf, we have live music, jazz playin’, this is like the heart of San Francisco. Oh man, all this Segway riding is making me extremely tired. Actually it’s not at all, but I’m gonna get off, try to get some exercise and check out FIsherman’s Wharf. So there’s the famous Alcatraz shrouded in a cloud of fog. Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage have all spent some time over there. It’s a very fun way to get around, I’ve gotten the hang of it now. I think I wanna get one of these babies. Yeah, I think we need to get some these. I’ts time to ride a Segway baby. We have no Segways in Hong Kong, this is fun, huge fun! Look mom, no hands! Woo! So I’m totally bummed right now. The Segway tour is coming to an end. For something that I’ve never done in my life before I already feel like a pro. It is so much fun, it’s such an amazing way to see the city. I love it. Okay one, two, three, Go Segway!.

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San Francisco Waterfront Walk

Hi. This is Rod Cuthbert for travel. San Francisco is a city with lots of great tours and activities to offer. But you can also spend a wonderful afternoon just walking along its extensive waterfront. Near the ballpark, the southern end of The Embarcadero, you’ll find the Bay Bridge, Pier 28, and a couple of great San Francisco dive bars. You’ll also come across some of the great urban artworks and sculptures the city is so famous for, both on the large scale and small. This one’s designed to convince skateboarders that they should stay away, but being San Francisco that’s not likely and in fact doesn’t appear to be working. This stretch of the walk has loads of great restaurants, bars, and breweries and is popular with walkers, runners, and anyone who wants to take in the sea air along with the great views out on to the busy, working harbor. As you count down the even numbered piers on this end of the walk, you reach the Ferry Building. It’s right across from Market Street, and it’s a great place to be any time of the week. The Ferry Building has lots to offer. There’s a Farmer’s Market Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and a beautiful walk along the waterline. It’s a historic area, and it fronts a busy part of the harbor where you’ll find beautiful old piers, tugboats, and from time to time cruise ships, the Navy, the Coast Guard. Back on The Embarcadero read out for the historic F-line with trams from St. Louis, Milan, and Melbourne amongst the museum pieces that have been restored and run as good as new today. Besides enjoying yourself on the waterfront, you can find loads of great San Francisco sightseeing, tours, cabaret, and lots more on Enjoy yourself in San Francisco, and thanks for reading.

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