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Singapore – Lau Pa Sat Market

One of the most popular places to grab a bite to eat here in Singapore is Lau Pa Sat. And you can get food from all over Asia. There are so many options so I couldn’t just pick one thing to eat. So I grabbed a smoothie, some sweet and sour pork and I grabbed this Singapore specialty carrot cake. And tastes sort of like a potato omelette. There is such an exciting and vibrant energy in here. You can come for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in the middle of the night as many of the stalls are open 24 hours.

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Singapore – Little India

We’re here at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, one of the funnest places on earth. Every kid’s dream. Let the memories begin. Alright, there’s so many attractions. You’ve got to bring your map so you can find your way around to all the things you want to see. We’re having so much fun and it is so wonderful and magical and my kids are having the greatest time and my husband and I are too. It was just fantastic. Oh my gosh, there’s a dance party coming down the street. Woo! Make sure you learn about the fastpass. You get on the rides quicker, which is a lot of fun. So basically you’re waiting in two lines at once. Sweet. Splash mountain, you get a little bit wet so it cools you off a little bit and it’s pretty warm here today. And pirates of the Caribbean, I like the movies and it’s very realistic looking. Hey, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Thunder mountain, best ride of the day so far. My throat hurts from screaming so much. Alright, maybe the best part of the day. We have to meet the most important people at the Magic Kingdom, Mickey and Minnie. Wow, Disney World the Magic Kingdom has been so much fun. This really is a dream come true.

Singapore Flyer

This post I’m taking flight on one of Asia’s most iconic architectural and engineering marvels, The Singapore Flyer. Alright, here we go. Hello, Singapore. My first sight is the Gardens by the Bay, with the Conservatory and the supertrees. The capsules are really spacious. There’s actually 28 of them on the wheel. Each one holds 28 people, and it takes, you guessed it, 28 minutes to go all the way around. Wow! I have a 360 degree view of the city, and in the distance I can see Indonesia. The Singapore Flyer is the tallest observation wheel in the world, 30 meters higher than the famed London Eye. So we’re just arriving at the top, and they say when you get to this point of the journey you’re supposed to make a wish. Oh, that was fantastic. What a relaxing and unique way to see the beauty of Singapore.

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