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Skip the Line Best of Venice Walking Tour Including Basilica di San Marco

This post, I’m going on the Best of Venice Walking Tour. But it starts out on a boat, taking a tour of the Grand Canal. Let’s go. This is so beautiful. We’re on the Grand Canal now, and this is pretty much the main street of Venice where all the action goes back and forth. And the houses or the palaces along this street are beautiful. And this is where all the merchants used to live back in the 16th century. The richest people lived along the Grand Canal. Some of these bridges are so short you actually have to duck your head when you go under them or you’re gonna knock yourself out.

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All right, looks like our taxi’s pulling on land, and it’s time to do the walking portion of the tour. This absolutely blows my mind. This house behind me is where Marco Polo once lived, and this house right here is from the 11th century. And there it is, still standing. Wow. You’re not gonna believe this, but this beautiful marble building behind me with all the intricate statues looks like a church, but really it’s the hospital. Here’s a cool fact I just learned: every house here in Venice has two entries. One down at the very bottom for the boats to come up and unload their goods.

Then the main entry is where they actually live. Every single house in Venice has a boat entry. I’m now standing in front of St. Mark’s Basin and this is where all the ships from around the world used to come in the ancient days with their spices and their goods and their trading. It is just mayhem out there. This is the terrace here at St. Mark’s. And I have to say, this is one of the best views I’ve ever seen. You have the whole square down there, all the people mulling about, the cafes, the port over there, all the boats. This is a nice place to hang out. I really enjoyed it, I loved being on the water at the beginning and then the secret places, the places that you just don’t find even when you do stumble around. And to hear the history of it is just really great. That was definitely the best of Venice. I had the chance to ask all my nerdy questions to the guide, and what I learned is there’s a lot more to Venice than just the canals.

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