Top 10 Places That Instagram Made Really Famous

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 9

We’re looking at destinations that have seen a significant increase in visitors in the years since Instagram launched in 2010. Compiled by insider.

10 If You Had A Dog Lover Canyon, Iceland In 2009

top 10 places that instagram made really famous

the country of Iceland suffered a major financial crisis. It has bounced back in spectacular fashion, largely by bolstering its tourism. If anything, the plan worked too well. A big reason for this spike in tourism is the country’s stunning landscape. Groover Canyon, in particular, is one of the most popularly tagged locations in the entire country. The natural beauty of the Canyon is featured on Insta, is heavily responsible for its popularity as well as it’s being featured in a Justin Bieber video. Since then, the number of visitors to the Canyon has increased by 50 to 80%. The government has actually had to limit tourist access as of June 2019 to merely 5 weeks a year due to damage from too much foot traffic.

9 The Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

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Mexico has no shortage of picturesque views and tourist friendly destinations. But since the advent of Instagram, the Yucatan Peninsula has become an incredibly popular destination for photography focused travelers. The peninsula is a pretty big place, however. And there are actually several locations of interest. There are picturesque pink lakes plus several stunning say notices such as the suit on and the equal cenotes are water filled. Sinkholes in limestone created by the collapse of certain caverns that give off a somewhat foreboding but undeniably appealing sense of wonder for travelers who prefer culture to nature. You can’t go wrong with Cheech Anita and the Incredible Mayan ruins found there.

8 Royal National Park Australia

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 2

For much of the World Australia. It’s a pricey destination to get to, so when you go all that way there, you’re going to want to make it worth your while. Increasingly, visitors to Australia have found the Royal National Park in NSW to be one of the best excuses to make the trip specifically for Figure 8 pools. That being said, if you thought the flight to Australia was tough, enjoy the grueling hike into the interior of Royal National Park and about those rock pools summer home to the blue ringed octopus, which is so toxic it can kill a human within minutes of touching it. In fact, tourist deaths in the area have shot up recently and have led to calls to close parts of the park to visitors. But some people just cannot resist a great stop, no matter how dangerous.

7 As Sas France, Alsace

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 3

Is even more of an Instagram success story than the Royal National Park. Like much of Europe, Alsace does struggle to accommodate all its tourists during peak travel periods, but overall, the gram has inspired many to discover this beautiful, quaint region that many travelers previously bypassed in days. Run by lying right on the border with Germany, Alsace. It’s a great spot to stop and stay for a road bus or cycling trip between the two countries with its canals and colorful houses. Culma is perhaps the key destination in the region, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere.

6 Trollstigen Norway

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 4

Trollstigen isn’t a region of Norway. It’s not a National Park. It’s not a city or even a famous building. It’s a road. How can a road be a tourist attraction? Well, just look at it. Trollstigen sits on a beautiful and imposing mountain. If you get up high enough you can capture an attractive and captivating photo of the Serpentine Rd, weaving its way up through the picturesque landscape. But if you do go, be careful. Just as in the Royal National Park, several tourists have gotten injured and even died as a result of trying to snap the perfect photo while perched precariously on the Cliff.

5 Cambria United States Of America

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 5

When you think of California tourism, you probably think of the beaches of so Cal, the trolleys of San Francisco. Surfing, hiking in the Hollywood sign, but Cambria is becoming a real tourist attraction in its own right, lying about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this seaside town is probably most famous for Hearst Castle, which lies just to its north. The former mansion of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst has become extremely popular on Instagram. The castle even occasionally hosts screenings of Citizen Kane, whose main character is based on Hearst, despite his famous dislike for the film, another popular attraction is Moonstone Beach. Which boasts some impressive wildlife, a picturesque shoreline, and even the occasional moonstone.

4 The Canary Islands Spain

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 6

One to visit a beautiful Spanish island without the crazy party atmosphere or hordes of tourists found on a beta or Majorca. Then maybe the Canary Islands are for you and your pic. Snapping smartphone Azure blue waters in pretty pastel buildings await you there. The beaches here aren’t quite as crowded as the other Spanish options for now, perhaps because they’re more pebbly than Sandy. That being said, the Canary Islands are becoming an increasingly popular destination for North American travelers, especially since several airlines have begun running direct flights from eastern North American cities like a collection of gems sitting in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands dazzle both on social media and in person.

3 Chefchaouen Morocco

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 7

Morocco has done a very good job of positioning itself as the major North African tourist destination, especially for Europeans. Much of this success. Can be ascribed to Chefchaouen, which has skyrocketed in popularity in the Instagram era. Tourists just can’t get enough of the blue Pearl nestled in the reef mountains. Chefchaouen is famous for its quaint houses, painted in every shade of blue you can think of in times gone by, visitors to Morocco may have just spent a weekend in Tangier, Fez or Marrakech, but now Chefchaouen has firmly established itself as a must see for any visitor to Morocco.

2 Cappadocia Turkey

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 8

You know those photos you’ve seen of colorful hot air balloons? Elegantly dotting the sky above a beautiful, imposing and sometimes snowy series of rock formations. Well, those images are from Cappadocia. This region of the Anatolian part of Turkey was one of the best kept secrets in the world until Instagrammers blew the secret wide open. Now every influencer travel Blogger and tourists of all stripes want to visit the most popular area of Cappadocia is the province of Neiva here. And it’s not exactly easy to get to yet. Still thousands visit every year to take in one of the most whimsical sites you’ll. Ever see.

1 Banff National Park Canada

top 10 places that instagram made really famous 9

Well known to avid hikers and skiers in Western Canada and America for decades, Banff has exploded in worldwide popularity in recent years. Now people from all over the globe, with even a modicum of interest in nature or looking awesome on Instagram, are traveling to the breathtaking National Park located on the Alberta side of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the park offers plenty to do, including camping and even swimming if you can brave the cold waters of Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. But the park’s popularity comes at a cost. It had to be temporarily closed in 2017 to repair damage done by the massive number of visitors. To this day, certain trails and areas are closed to give the wildlife time to recover.

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