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For many, flight delays have become a given. But not many of us are aware that we do have rights as airline passengers, and one of these rights is the right to demand compensation for flight delays. The regulations are quite clear on this point: under the Denied Boarding Regulation, ' if you are traveling from an airport in the EU or are traveling to an airport in the EU on an airline which is based in a member state of the EU, you are entitled to compensation if your flight is delayed by over three hours. So, under the regulation, if you have a flight with British Airways which has been delayed, you may be able to demand the compensation you deserve.

The facts on flight delay compensation
You can request for compensation if a flight is delayed by over three hours, but there may be limitations to this as well. For instance, you may not be able to get compensation if the delay was caused by reasons that are not under the control of the airline, such as weather disturbances or risks regarding security.

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You may, however, seek compensation if the delay was due to under-booking or a technical issue that was not addressed or noticed during maintenance.

The compensation amount awarded will be calculated based on the flight's length as well as the length of time the flight was delayed. During the delay, you have the right to receive meals, refreshments, free calls and emails, and even hotel accommodation if needed.

How much compensation?
For many of us, the amount of compensation is the most important factor to consider. But the compensation amount is fixed, although you do have the option to receive it in cash, cheque, or even vouchers. It's up to you to decide the kind of compensation you receive, but most individuals obviously prefer cash.

This is how it goes: if you had a flight with British Airways which has been delayed by more than or equal to three hours and the length of the flight is up to 1500 kilometres, your compensation is ‚250. If your delayed flight is more than or equal to three hours and the flight length is 1500 to 3500 kilometres, the compensation amount can reach up to ‚400. For a flight delayed between three to four hours with a distance of more than or equal to 3500 kilometres, compensation can amount to ‚300. For flight delays of four hours and more with a distance of more than or equal to 3500 kilometres (such as a flight from the United Kingdom all the way to New York), the compensation amount is ‚600.

One very useful fact you should also keep in mind: according to a survey amongst airlines, British Airways proves to be one of the most reliable (read: agreeable) when it comes to paying compensation.

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