My face what about the bouncer.

I just hit 50k on Instagram one day after my blog. So Abby has to throw me two parties now one for my blog, and one for history are you one no two parties Abby okay you’re not getting any parties with me. But baby doesn’t make sense raesha suppose.

I want to party. So we’re on a GP we’re heading to. I think it’s called AG in default.

Because to Moloch has no water. So, and a sore back later here here the jeepneys are great they’re really cheap. But they’re also quite short.

So you have to like tuck your head down. Because you hit a bump you’ll hit the roof. But not.

So bad if. I got kicked by. So gets the block miss eggy need tourism mm something who will it be this year Miriam Mara covere Maurice just negotiated 40 pesos 60 paces off herb right what are we going to spend that 60 paces on man oh no just party hard tonight.

So guys we’re gonna save some time we’re not gonna go see it we just want to show you this here are the levels of the falls time to go home says there’s no Wi-Fi in the forest Abby. I’m turning back level zero oh wow this is why. I’m a proud owner of my Addas chase waterfalls responsibly, and this is the great dam of the Philippines where they produce 90% of the hydropower for the country adventure Baba’s it’s adventure level 100 yeah.


I want to swim. I’m blogging with my big camera. So it might not be good for audio.

But we are at level five. We’ve gone through all the levels, and this is the very top this is level 5 you you dreamt about was making it then given, and taking them taking this then. I’m taking it they don’t take it status update we got back everyone’s alive camera gears intact it’s actually better than two molag waterfalls.

Because it’s only one waterfall. But you could easily fit both into one day you could do whale sharks, and the two Moloch Falls as well as these Falls Aggie need Falls was let ratchet look past a couple flies, and you got a delicious banana coated in something what is it deep-fried yes ah nice caramelized Wiggum he’s trying to get us inside of its tricycle more like we’re gonna take the jeepney. Because we don’t have much money left with us it’s like all the last you just slept there’s no more running that’s us right there Olive Garden’s say resort if you guys are coming to us lob you want to see the whale sharks.

I do recommend this place it’s mid to your level the room were staying in which is good for poor people AC TV all the good stuff it is three thousand pesos. So if you come here, I’ll give you a good deal. I ordered a Nescafe three in one twenty pesos these are so good. I mean they’re really high in sugar. But if you have to have cheap, and quick coffee Nescafe three, and one.

I’m not being paid to say that but I should be in the Garden State Resort let’s go to mob well come on come on. I haven’t miss lady just a little bitty up there swiggity swooty coming fidelity thank you we got a bus transfer what Mimi just got some pant seats you guys this is the toilet.

I’m in it’s literally like something you’d see in a horror movie thanks guy we’re taking the nan a seed series this time it was really cold now it’s gonna be really warm next stop wah-wah-wah-wah straight-up been reading way too much faster furious guy thinks he can strip the bus around corners were like going like 80 kilometers an hour you’re like small tiny residential roads thumbs up for the post as how tightly they packed Buster in Philippines that was Abby. And I we’re coming back from ASEAN island we were staying in the isle. And So much fun, and we’re nervous.

I’m getting really hot that is shocking it like sardines yeah we’re not doing too bad over here though are we just got dropped off. So I just learned that mob well it’s not actually an island it’s the mainland. So what.

I had. I know you have to take a priori. But we’re here, and we’ll go check out like beach resorts, and whatever else another one another one we are going separate ways for tonight Laurita Mimi see you tomorrow morning yeah we’re heading to white Beach they’re like good tricycle slash jeepney of the day here just going all over town alright guys.

We’ve just arrived at Blue Orchid resort, and this is where we’ll be staying for the next two nights here on the white Beach this is our room for the next two nights Abby brought up a good point it’s kind of like Santorini looks like that same Mykonos Greek island look. So you have a massive sliding door, and basically this is our room let’s see this is the bathroom like an aquamarine bathroom pretty cool shower today has been actually surprisingly long day. I mean a lot of it has to the fact that we got up.

So early for the whale sharks. But the travel day was a bit longer than. I expected to shoot every is it this is a pretty good time to do the announcements it do you guys might hear the big announcement can I like a look better all right fine. I’m gonna tell you guys in tomorrow’s blog you don’t get you guys. I’ve like not eaten today.

I’ve had breakfast. And I had the smallest little snack. I guess.

I got stood up the ring season coming well just go back to the room guys what’s really cool is that we’re actually here at blue orchard Resort under social media terms basically they want us to create a bit of cool footage to nice photos of the resort here’s the best part right here they have a drone yeah. So he’ll never replace the flying turkey. But at least he’ll allow me to get some aerial footage for now you guys that was like pretty much passed out, and then Lauren came back to the room waking me up.

I’m gonna sign off, and the blog for today it’s been a really good day how can I guys let’s get lost get in tomorrow oh my gosh. I’m so red how did that happen.

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