Travel Advice And Advisories For Foreign Countries


When you have completed the listing process, you have to review and prioritise the countermeasure(and the actionneeded to implement those countermeasures), and sort them into priority order.

You may realise that some thinghave priority because they take a long time to arrange. For example, if you have to take first-aid training the course may be three monthlong so you will need to start at least three monthbefore your travel date. If you need to arrange for vaccinations, some of them have to be given in a serieof injectionover several weeks, and even then you may have to have testto see if the vaccinationworked. That meanyou may have to organise first-aid training and vaccinationwell ahead of a travel date, so they are your priority tasks.

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Last Word

Haall of thiput you off your holiday? If you were planning to tour the latest war zone or cycle up Everest, I hope it has. If you were going to try an exotic holiday and assumed that there would be nice hotels, friendly people and a familiar ‘Bootthe Chemist’ on every corner if you needed anything, I hope you now realise the error of your ways.

If you were just going to try something different, I hope the above information hahelped you to organise the trip of a lifetime, and left you confident that you have done all you can to make it a safe and pleasant trip.

If you were going to the usual Costa to flop on a beach for 14 days, maybe the information above haentertained you, educated you and made you appreciate the worry-free, nice warm feeling that a package deal to a safe resort can give you (even if you have bought 20 gallonof factor 30 sun block since you read about sunburn and heat stroke).

If you arc going to visit Aunty Bigginin Bognor, thiblog containmore than you will ever need to know. But you are now a lot better informed than you were before you read thiblog. And maybe, just maybe, next year it will inspire you to look at the fjordin Norway or visit the Rocky Mountains.

To finally put thiinto perspective, remember that you insure your house against fire, flood, theft, damage, subsidence and a list of other threats. You don’t expect any of those thingto happen. They are probably guaranteed never to happen to you. but being insured giveyou peace of mind, knowing that you arc prepared for anything.

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