Right now we are at the most beautiful viewpoint here in Kotel check this out there has been a very late start it’s like always about 4 p.m. right now, and we basically got out of the room an hour ago we are right now in one of Co tells finest viewpoints.

So the reason we’re here is actually. Because somebody who lives here gave us a bit of a local secret this is jr. Chia welcome to the blog what’s going on how.

I D have oh honey God you guys actually might recognize them if you’ve been to hotel. Because if you’ve been on the pub crawl you’ve seen him he’s the one that leads them, and yeah excited to be here magic LeBlanc live in Thailand he’s telling me he’s going to teach me to dance. Because he’s also an incredible dancer like he when he leads the pub crawls he fire dances the jack-of-all-trades, and apparently he’s gonna teach me to dance that’s right we’re going to teach food anything cook i’m unteachable I think yeah good morning guys it is our final moments here in hotel.

So we’re heading out we’re going to the next Island which is cool pond yeah. I just checked out of the hotel just returned my bike, and it’s been a really really good past three days here excited to show you cool plane yeah we had a last-minute change of plan we’re not staying on this ferry going oh my god we are active saying goodbye right now. So Josh looked at the calendar.

I’m like we hardly have any days left before my little brother come. So we got to go, and do like a like it’s gonna be like 16 hours on the road Maybach economy then. I want Oreos pinna some sort of a bread thing is sort of a oh my goodness how much for you how much of this one leg good morning from krabi town, and spent one night here.

But we’re just in transit. So it’s time to go let’s get back on the road. So it’s probably a little confusing as to what’s going on.


But right now we’re in krabi town by the time we got here was around 5:30 last night we were tired, and it would have cost us a whole lot more to take a private taxi so. We’ve stayed overnight here in Krabi we’re actually it’s a pita house which by the way if you’re looking for like a rather budget hotel with great Wi-Fi, and everything else is good pita health, and crabby comes great it’s now about 9:30, and we’re waiting for our little minivans come pick us up it’s actually a shared minivan. So it’ll be cheaper to bring us further sail to get schooly pay this is the amount of hassle we’re putting up with to get to this island.

But it will be worth it. I can guarantee it. I’ve heard nothing.

But incredible things about Cody face. I’ve never been this far self in Thailand it is actually very very close to the Malaysian border one of the fastest ways to get schooly pay is actually to fly into Malaysia we’re taking the long way there the cheaper way, and yes Pinkett safar sis’s are a lot for the next few turns oh, and help alright guys. So it looks like.

We’ve arrived somewhere everyone on this bus is like completely confused they were supposed to be dropped in Krabi. But instead they took them down south in this minivan with us, and we knew we were going down south. But not for this part.

So anyways as long as we make skully pay it’s all good. But a lot of people are kind of pissed on the bus. Because they got oversold to service.

So you were told they were taking a ferry which would have been a lot nicer instead they were stuck in that horrible little minivan for a few hours about David horrible Daisy didn’t work hey now can the flying boat. So this is just a theory. But there’s.

So much confusion going on right now. I’m thinking probably in the middle of being kidnapped in Malaysia Malaysia is not very far. I think we got about a three hour ferry ride there it’s air-conditioned at the bathroom, and there’s a lot of space especially compared to the minivan.

But let’s go oh my gosh the Promised Land let’s go we made it oh my gosh this is like an actual excuse my friend shitshow getting here like two days of traveling yeah right here is the Walking Street. So I’m going to do my best to not sound as grumpy as possible it just you know how to two days of travel it’s not been that fun my expectations for this place are high. Because of how much time.

We’ve spent to get here the amount of the money. We’ve spent to get here it’s not cheap guys we took the cheapest route to get here. I’m really excited to be here.

I’m probably not showing it as much as. I should be. But right now we’re going to find our hotel.

I’m looking on a gota, and it’s expensive here like you’re looking at about 50 US dollars for basic basic amenities that means that fifty US you’re just getting the AC instead of having a fan room that the Cabana with a mosquito net. So a lot more expensive than the average Thai island. But let’s hope it lives up to all the prices, and the efforts to get here.

I stand corrected there is transportation it’s walking chutes really cool alright after kids like the pizza. I’m feeling a lot less grumpy ready to show you around let’s go looking good you almost there. So this is what $60 or 85 Canadian will get you you get this big sweaty woman you got a bag you got AC which is definitely a positive thing to have, and you’ve got of you though might be some cockroaches in here, and about as you can see there is absolutely nothing wrong with this place it is a good bed to sleep on tonight. But the surprising thing is the price.

Because once you come to Colby pay prices are way up all the way up. But very excited to be here we’re going to get the drone up catch the sunset there’s probably about half an hour left until that happened. So let’s go just about ten minutes away from our hotel.

We’ve walked to Sunset Beach, and as explains we’re going to go watch the sunset. So right now. I’m reading a full-grown man basically like got his entire body submerged in the waves, and he’s trying to get that shot where half of its underwater, and half of it is above water he looks like he’s been here all day he’s a nice like Lobster red color but.

I really really admire the dedication to the shot when you’re trying to be the best photographer you got to go the extra mile today we went the extra mile just to get here cold IPE not easy to get to. And We’ve got a total of like four days here. So we won’t be in a rush which is nice we get to show you the insides announcer this place, and hopefully do some Island tours around here.

Because I can see there’s lots of little islands just off the coast where you need to get out of here now the Sun set, and there are mosquitoes everywhere you have to Thanksgiving dinner. So we just had a typical Thai dinner, and if you guys have ever done business in a foreign country you may know for yourself that getting receipts is like one of the hardest things in the entire world, and this is the receipt for today’s dinner. I’m just like waiting for the day.

I get audited. And I’m like you use all 310 box full government like like how am. I going to write this off but.

I asked them. I’m like can. I get a bill could.

I get a receipt you’re like uh no ha no half, and then, I’ll be like no. I need. I need a bill for government they’ll be like no, I’ll be like taxes taxes they’re like well taxi you need texting arm like, and then

I just walk away this is what it’s like trying to get write-off for your business when you’re traveling through Thailand good luck everyone getting loved. And I don’t know what love is an unlikely date. But hey love has no boundaries.

So many some angle cigarettes this is my absolute favorite dessert, and is taking forever in that restaurant. So we’re going to go to the outside little singer goto sound. I go bad it’s so busy here. I’m like really shocked. I actually expected this to be like a bit of a sleeper Island kind of like komak kind of like bonzi on in the Philippines that’s what.

I had in my mind this is like drastically different than how I envisioned it it’s not necessarily a bad thing just different than what. I expected.

I’m not even ready to like make an assessment of this place yet because. We’ve been here for such a short period of time we’re kind of tired by the end of it you will have a concise response as to how I enjoy khalipa, and whether you should come here.

So until then let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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