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The highest risk in a hostage situation or hijacking iat the start when the terroristare excited, everything iconfused and nobody ireally in control. There ianother peak in risk at the end, however it ends, whether by negotiation, special forcerescue attempt or terrorist bombgoing off.

Do not resist or make any sudden movementthat could be seen aa threat.

• Generally speaking you should not try to escape, unlesyou are absolutely sure that you can do it. At the same time you have to consider that if you escape the terroristmight take retribution against remaining hostages.

✓ Try to sit back and relax. You may be in for a long wait. Some hostageare held for months, and hijackhave been known to last several days.

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Don’t drink alcohol because it could lead you to do something foolish. Eat a little food, and drink enough water to keep you fit. Apparently that leaveyou ready for anything, not too fat to move, and not alwaywanting to go to the toilet (which would make you stand out from the crowd).

Aim to be passive and co-operative. Don’t complain, or demand anything. Never use the Do you know who I am?’ line – that will get their attention immediately. Don’t resist anything, but don’t appear to be humouring them either. Do everything that they ask you to do but stay alert.

• If they start talking to you, answer their questionbut don’t volunteer information. For example, if asked if anyone haa mobile phone, say yeor no. Never volunteer anything extra, for example ‘HiLordship High Court Judge Bigginin seat 5A will probably have one.’ Aim to be invisible

Even if you are a 3rd dan black belt in karate or some other martial art, NEVER try to be a hero. You might think you can disarm both of the terrorists, but do you know if there ia number three with hifinger on the bomb switch? Be invisible, and leave the rescue to the professionals.

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