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Getting to know more about Brazil, which tends to be an enormously popular tourist attraction among the worldwide tourists is a must before you travel around. Get to know some of these interesting facts about Brazil that possess something wonderful and exceptional making them worthy of global recognition. Before you opt for these attractions, exotic places, uncommon wildlife, fantastic beaches, interesting activities, and many more, below are some interesting facts about Brazil:

    • Brazil is one of the biggest countries in Latin America and one of the biggest ones in the world when it comes to geography. With a coastline of more than 7,367 KM, Brazil’s size is even larger than South Africa, Indonesia, Spain, Japan, Portugal, and Italy.
    • Considering the religion, Brazil is the biggest Catholic region with second highest Christian population, which tends to be the tallest iconic statuette of Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
    • Brazil happens to be the only country that has won five World Cup titles till now and is one of the prime exporters of soccer coaches and players worldwide. Football or soccer is a national passion played on the outdoors, indoors, beaches, fields, streets and obviously Maracan£ is one of the world’s biggest and most stunning stadiums.
    • Moreover, Brazil has the world’s largest rainforest which comprises of 2.3 squares million miles is also found in the Amazon region, where the popular Amazon River is found. It is home to amazing ecological displays that are enriched by assorted flora and fauna and exclusive animal species. Moreover, it also holds a record of deforestation and illegal hunting and logging.
    • The most extravagant and visitor’s drawing carnival is scattered around the Brazilian cities primarily Olinda, Recife, S£o Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. It is an awaited time of the year which demands long-term preparations in terms of production, music and choreography originality. With the dynamic samba rhythm, tourists both foreign and local can dance to their hearts’ desire. Even though the Carnival in the big Brazilian cities is commercialized, the one that takes place at the countryside is all free for public appreciation and participation.

Brazil happens to be one of the most preferred travelling destinations in the Latin America because of its diverse attractions. If you want to know more about this amazing country, check out interesting facts about Brazil and learn more before you pay a visit.

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