Some days are better days than others, and today is not one of those great states today. I am dealing with food poisoning right now or something you can either be the food or the water but I feel.

So tired. So weak. And I’ve been on the road since 5:00 in the morning not feeling great we’re going to push through it.

I do feel a bit better right now. I need to eat, and then we’re going to go through a beach go to the restroom or hang something on a shaker Chrissy Chrissy boy quickly boys. So how do you do bed, I’ll do great for gonna power through it, and move to this new place we’re going to record a blog.

So all we have for today’s blog is this sunset flight good morning guys it is our final day here in Sihanoukville, and yesterday was an O blog day there was a few little clips here, and there but I was like just dealing with a 24-hour bug. I’m feeling 100% better today, and right now we are going to the booking office.

So that we can get a boat going to koh rong, and right now we’re loading up in the back of this truck we’re going to Palm Beach Resort where we’ll be staying for three nights. And I’m so so excited back at it again been filming had Tommy Tommy ah.

And I did ha there is no $4 along further away that we thought it took it’s about half an hour to get support, and from the port it’s created about two hours of smoke, and we’re just about to arrive. I’m staring some people wrong now in the distance. And I’m really excited to get there this place is gold look at that water yes hello we have just arrived look at this place it’s absolutely beautiful.


I actually just did a live stream if you’re not following me on Instagram all my social medias are lost along. But come on let’s go check into the hotel room. We’ve just arrived at the palm beach resort there’s already gotten himself all set up ready for the island life yeah oh yeah.

So I’m going to give you a quick tour of our place here at Palm Beach Resort. So we were just told that koh rong is actually larger than hong kong. So it’s a massive island this is our room we got two beds a couple of fans got a bathroom in here.

So it was very much minimalistic living guys let’s go look around the island. So we just met our next-door neighbors, and pretty funny. Because they actually have lost all of my selfie stage of posts they were telling us though that they’ve been here for three nights, and it’s the most beautiful beach they’ve ever seen.

We’ve got a few day trips in store one of them is called lonely Beach which is the one hour walk that way one of them is like a two hour bike ride the other way apparently you can basically walk out just like we are now all the way out pretty much as far as you can see. Because it doesn’t get very deep quickly the water is a nice warm temperature places paradise let’s go time to show you guys full run. I’m just.

So happy to be here, and really excited to be showing you this place for the next three days, and if we really do fall in love with it like. I expect us to then we might even extend it a little bit. Because after this we’re going to see Angkor Wat which is the world’s largest religious monument, and that is further north in Cambodia, and that’s pretty much our last stop, and after that we’re going to another country for a brief little space.

And I also just want to say thank you to you the guys. And I have been creating content every day now for the past week, and a bit, and the support. We’ve been receiving is.

So so rewarding you guys give us the energy we need to continue to do this it takes a lot of time, and effort to push out a post every day, and make sure that it’s a post we’re proud of, and just getting the feedback the thumbs up all that sort of support makes it worth it in every single sense. So thank you so much for traveling with us, and being part of the lost adventures there’s a lot more to come after having some dinner allowed to send up the pool table are you any good put a walk with the place ah excuses what about your on row level wow this has been one of the longest pool games.

I’ve ever played, and let’s just say it’s about to crush Ronnie’s dream. I’m going for the last shot here. I have to think in this pocket Ronnie needs to think in that pocket you’ll manage my job my mornings on Ronnie thank you trust me Thank You Ronnie for this terrific setup it’s time to say goodbye it’s a pleasure playing it.

But the winners in the court here folks a big game hey Ronnie good game sit down. So I tried to upload a post tonight, and being on an island the upload speeds actually surprisingly good but. I’m not willing to stay up another two, and a half hours to wait for it to finally upload, and we don’t actually have Wi-Fi in the room.

But it’s time to nestle up go to bed actually that sounds very weird to use word nestle up when i’m sleeping with three guys it’s time to go to bed, and get ready for what’s going to be a really great day tomorrow we’re going to go explore the island there’s a beach where basically the local Cambodian people live just capture some amazing team get lost content the kind of stuff that gets me excited. I love being in the islands, and yeah just share a very unique part of the world with you. So see you guys tomorrow leave the post a big thumbs up, and let’s get lost again tomorrow Wow of the day.

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