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No risk, no reward. Safe and sound in the confines of our simple, efficient western culture world. Carefully settling for the path of least resistance. It’s what people strive for, a distinct concrete outcome in life. All meticulously structured, and painfully achieved over a fixed predictable course spanning several decades. The prestigious school, well respected career, 2 Vi kids and a dog, in the classiest neighborhood in Dallas–Fort Worth, California. Suit yourself, what is one man’s paradise, is another man’s hell.

Risk takers. The fine line between brilliant and mentally unstable. We’ve all met them. They’re ambitious, spontaneous, shrewd, and innovative. They’re wildly passionate about whatever endeavor is currently driving them. They revel in the chaotic. The outcome can bring indescribable success, or catastrophic defeat. Yet regardless of the result, their character remains virtually unchanged.

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Is it madness? No. It’s the thrill of the chase. It’s the brazen uncertainty, the sheer recklessness that creates the moment when the hairs on the back of your neck tingle.

Vacations should be like this. Bold, exotic and irresponsible on the surface, but intelligently controlling the risks underneath. If exploring the world’s hottest sexual paradises and being smothered by young, uninhibited women sounds intriguing, this guide is for you.

The Hedonist was written by a team of motivated, impulsive individuals who share a passion for exotic Sex Tourism Vacations. We’ve traveled the world extensively and accumulated a bible of information, advice, stories, tricks and tips that we’ve decided to share. The Hedonist is a turnkey manual, a fast access roadmap to the vital information you’ll need in organizing your trip, so that when you arrive, you can hit the ground running. Inside is comprehensive up-to-date data concerning airports, taxis, local customs, hotels, transportation, maps, pricing, and most important, where to find the hottest single women. Inside you’ll find the top twenty Ultimate Vacation spots, each is packed with hundreds of single, exotic women who are easily approachable and available in a matter of minutes. We direct you to the hottest locals clubs for getting either part-time girlfriends, or having wild orgies with a buffet of freelancing erotic pros.

We happily dive in headfirst to give you our personal inside scoop of the raunchy darker side of life, as we peer into the heart of the World’s Brothels, Red Light Districts, Massage Parlors, Termas, Escort Services, and Go Go Bars with Exotic Shows. Damn, field research can be so difficult.

In addition, in each city we detail the weekend warrior sporting options, as well as sightseeing and local entertainment. Our trips are designed to maximize your fun while keeping it economically feasible for most anyone. Let’s face it; itineraries on vacations are generally works of hopeful fiction. The enclosed contents are meticulously detailed, vulgar, and hilarious…soon you’ll become an expert on your own World Sex Tours. From the sun soaked topless beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the insanity of Bangkok Go Go’s and massage parlors, to the Amsterdam red light district…it’s all here for the taking.

There are many do’s and don’ts you must memorize before you travel abroad. We provide the quick lessons and insights on how to avoid the tourist traps, rip offs and scams. More importantly, we explain the traits of the girls you want to pursue, and the telltale signs of spotting disaster girls to avoid at all costs. You’ll quickly absorb the lessons and insights, saving you from making expensive and stupid mistakes. The clock’s ticking, you’ll want to make the most of your vacation time. Of course the most important info is how to approach and exploit the mind-boggling chica opportunities. We put you in ground zero of the action in the fastest, and most affordable method possible.

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