Ghost Tower Bangkok

You remain right.

So we have ride the ghost hour, it’s a massive abandoned building. And I think, it’s like 49 or 6259 floors and. So you can go all the way to the top.

And from the top you can watch the sunset in Bangkok. And today is actually like a really nice day it just rained a bit. So I think it got rid of a lot of the clouds they’re climbing out there maybe they didn’t pay.

So we just paid off the guard 150 baht which is like over $5 each there’s basically two guys that guards the entrance. So you have to pay to get in but come on gap we now start our ascent a sense of weird right yeah. I think these lights are new like.

I think they’re actually turning this into like the lights here the cables. I think because it used to be pitch-black on the way down. I think they’re now that they’re charging only about 50 more floors to go was it.

So the reason this is called the ghost hour, it’s because, it’s said to be haunted there’s been two guys that hung themselves in here. And like their bodies were chillin for days. And days until the smell was.

So bad. And someone climbing the tower found them watch it was two separate hangings what oh look you will find on the separate here my bag scared me. I look behind me.

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And there’s a bag you know why, we’re on floor 18 like 50 think this year the caravan the elevator shafts empty. So you can see it the drop from the top floor alright give us an update all right no updates. I would update but, I’m short on breath.

I think reply halfway this says 28 coop what huh, we’re going pretty quick. I think your adrenaline stupid ass off the struggle is real this is gonna be so much scarier on the sunset when the Sun sets like even look at this imagine a Halloween party in here they rigged the place of like little spooks oh look look at the end whoa that’s.

So cool Oh look at that view are we still there look how high we climbed oh my god some of those little balconies are flooded we are so high up. I have no idea five two three floors left it was a client.

So exhausted like, I’m sweating oh my gosh no guardrail. And you got a good free fall it must have been a tour bus to draw people off this is crazy from everyone. I’ve talked to everyone said like there’s no one up here and.

So obviously this is a bit of a surprise. I don’t know but there’s way more people than. I would have expected.

And we are on the very top floor, it’s just an unbelievable here. So that tower right there isla Bua. I don’t know if, I’m pronouncing it right but, it’s the tallest tower in Bangkok, it’s like 60 stories.

So this one has to be at least 50 because, it’s not that much taller than us well hard to say but that’s the same building that was in the hangover the second one the view is amazing but, it’s definitely a bit disappointing how many people are up you. And by bed. I mean really disappointing well that’s how everyone described it everyone said like they’ve pretty much had it to themselves like there’d be another group on another floor maybe but that’s it that was a nice.

And this crescendo you got it fortunately yes, I’m almost broken up yeah. I just walked up. And then decided himself.

So you can either come back down Orcutt easy we made it. So Spooky’s want to see the elevator shaft, it’s right here much spook any freak yeah Oh see look they totally renovated everything always creating oh renovation. I mean they’ve used to not be blocked off you could have fallen further down into the basement you.

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