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Looking for what you want in traveling for vacation can be daunting. Choosing from around the world, there is thousands of locations that can be considered. Some people seek the warm suns of the tropics, for their renowned beaches and tourist destinations. Many prefer a something less traditional and seek out a more chiller destination, wanting to ski or enjoy the hot springs that many mountain communities are know for. But, what if you want more or even both from a vacation? There are very few options regarding that want. But, if you are looking for both the best and diversity in traveling, I have an answer for you. That is Dubai. But, what are things to do in Dubai that can do both?

Well that’s quite easy to answer. Dubai houses many activities that you may have not known of. Before I get into that lest talk about Dubai itself first. Being considered a jewel of the desert, Dubai is one of the wealthiest and safest cities in the world. I say this because many associate only negative things within the geological location of Dubai. But, it is really a thriving tourist destination. Shifting focus back to what Dubai can offer.

Basking in the sun

Being Located on the desert, you can imagine it to be very warm. But, like its tropical counter parts there are many options when relaxing or playing in the sun. One option is the water parks that can be found near the luxury resorts. Atlantis the palms, offers you the chance to swim with dolphins or meet sea lions up close. After that their wide selection of water slides can accommodate the thrill seeker in all of us.

Water parks are not the only thing you can enjoy during the day. There are multiple air tours you can partake in. Such as a helicopter tour of the city, flying around this remarkable city and even getting a bird’s eye view of the tallest building in the world.

Now don’t think there isn’t a focus on dinning either. Besides the numerous five star restaurants. A personal favorite of mine, is dining among the dunes. A dining experience held out in the desert at night, with millions of stars making up the ambiance. Located in the heart of a nature reserve. This combined with a daylong safari in the desert, is the perfect ending to an adventurous day.

Ski Slopes year-round

I know you were not expecting to do any skiing in the desert. But you can, with Ski Dubai, a 3,000 square meter alpine attraction. With a built in ski lift, for hours of fun for the family skiing to your hearts content. You can even view penguins and get an up close meet up with these flightless birds. Giving you the highlights of a ski trip, without all the cold nights.

What is left to think about?
With the diversity and dedication to service and quality, you will be hard pressed to find anything that can compare to this jewel of the desert.

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