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24 hours ago. I posted a post on how to travel the Philippines this morning.

I woke up to see that it had 400,000 views 17,000 shares. And I had 250 people individually messaged me saying thank you for visiting the Philippines. I have never met a kinder group of people in my entire life the people of the Philippines are incredible.

I cannot thank you guys enough for your support. And I know that there’s only one thing that. I can do to kind of give back to you guys.

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And I wanted to do a giveaway. So I’m giving away two hundred US dollars to go on a flight anywhere you please you can be Filipino Canadian American Argentinian it really doesn’t matter wherever you’re from everyone is eligible. So how do you enter first of all go to the link down below in my description follow it to my Facebook page once on my Facebook page you’ll have to share the post announcing the giveaway once you’ve shared my giveaway post simply like my facebook page, and you were automatically entered to win the 200 US dollars from there.

I will use a website that randomly selects a winner, and that winner will be contacted by me, and sent 200 US dollars to start their own travels again thank you so much guys. And I cannot wait to contact the winner remember 48 hours.

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