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Hi guys 11:00 in the morning great starts of the day my intro to my post will be released in tomorrow’s blog. So joel has been.

So helpful. I cannot get over how amazing it turned out it’s really really turned out. So well.

So I’m super excited about that what. I need to do today though is find music that works well with the intro. So that’s gonna be a bit of a challenge.

Because it’s one thing to get a nice-looking intro it’s another thing to pair it with music that works well. So that will be one of my side missions for the day. But in the meantime.

I’m gonna go for run to the gym which is like probably five kilometres to get there maybe a bit less, and then. I’m gonna go work out. So let’s get fit alright just got home had an amazing workout my legs are like jelly.

I ran to the gym, and then worked out a bit, and then ran a little bit my mom picked me up. So really really good workout, and really excited about how today is going. So like ice previously mentioned my intro is now completed.

But also really good news is Panasonic who makes the gh4 which is an amazing camera basically reached out to me. I don’t know what it’s gonna lead to. But it’s a great start.

So I just had them a nice InDesign sponsorship proposal type thing, and yeah. I’m just like really excited about that because. I’ve been trying pretty hard to find a good camera sponsor, and if.

I could rocket gh4. I would be. So stoked about that yeah Abby is in Montreal, and it sounds like it’s going really well she’s doing this like super super nice hotel called Visionnaire Maine.

And I’m pretty sure it’s like four or five stars like it’s top of the line, and she told me yesterday that when she got picked up she got picked up in. I don’t. I think it was a limo, and the drivers name was Hercules, and apparently was just like some massive dude, and she the guys had the wrong sign it was like waiting for Lauren.

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So he had Lauren written down on the side. And So Abby got in the car, and then she asked Hercules he’s like are you sure like are you with Garnier, and he’s like oh. I think you’re in the wrong car.

And I think he was just kidding like he was screwing around with her. But it’s pretty funny. So you’ll have to check out Abby’s blog.

So this is all shot on the Panasonic gh4, and what. I really want to do is some slow motions shoots. I think it’s 96 frames per second which gives you that crisp looking slow-motion wail that footage is.

So nice. So this is shot on the gh4, and it shoots 4k as well. I feel.

So good today everything just going. So well. I think it’s the Sun literally.

I’m. So affected by the Sun like it really brings up my mood that’s why. I was supposed to be born in California, I’ll have to move there one day this is a mega protein smoothie we got some peanut butter all-natural banana whey protein this is gonna be good this thing is literally the Ferrari of blenders you can actually blend.

So fast that it can turn things into soup. Because it gets. So hot in here that it heats it up, and it can also make ice cream.

I don’t know how it works we never use it for that but. I’m feeling extremely rejuvenated. I just went in the tub for two hours, and was reading the book the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss, and filling up water not peeing, and yeah it’s a really really good book the main principle of the book is outsourcing your life.

So finding out what’s essential what’s not essential, and cutting out the non-essential things from your life his theory, and fact it’s really fact is that we spend so much of our day doing repetitive non important things that we feel like we’re busy. But we don’t have to be busy.

And So the idea is that you can live on American dollars. But in a way take advantage of the peso or the rupiah. So the idea is find the things that are not super important in your life that can easily be taken over by someone else in a different country, and there’s actually different websites he lists where you can actually find it’s a virtual assistant, and the virtual assistant he gives very high reviews of most of his assistants he’s hot they loot everything from paying your bills to whatever it may be, and he calls the idea of the new rich, and the new rich are people who learn how to take advantage of the internet, and how to basically take themselves out of the equation when they’re not needed some of his ways of optimizing.

I found were a bit. I don’t know they’re good ideas but. I’m not gonna practice them like he talked about sending having an automatic response on your email.

So if someone emails you says hi. I do not check my emails until you know 4:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. So basically letting people know that you only are open to dialogue between these hours.

So that they’re more efficient when they talk to you he talked about how meetings are useless never to have meetings just to have agenda set out through email. So you know if you’re really interested. I do recommend reading the book it’s been really good.

So far the thing that. I most enjoy about the book is that it really talks about how you can really live the life that you want from your laptop, and you don’t need a ton of money to do it, and that’s for me the most important thing, and one of the lines that, I’ll leave you guys with is. I don’t quote me on it.

I don’t think. I know word for word is that people don’t want to be millionaires they want to live like millionaires. And I really like that point the idea behind that is that you know we think that having tons of money results in living well, and you know having time to do the things we like to be able to go to the places we want to.

But that’s not the truth. Because a lot of millionaires are some of the busiest people you’ll ever see. And So they’re not necessarily enjoying the fruits of life, and the idea is we want to live like millionaires what we perceive to be millionaire.

So I really like that point, and the truth of it is you don’t have to be a millionaire to live like a millionaire. I mean when I was traveling through Southeast Asia.

I was eating sleeping, and paying all my costs for under $20 a day Canadian alright guys it is official we have surpassed the twenty thousand threshold. So really really exciting another big milestone. I think the official celebration big party will probably be 25.

Because that’s the quarter of a hundred thousand, and twenty thousand will celebrate too. But Abby is not with me right now, I’ll show you where Abby is this is Abby Abby Abby Abby Abby wake up what say hi Abby got her hair done today, and it’s you can’t see right now. But it’s hombre.

So she’s her big successful day with L’Oreal, and she’s got another early morning. But yeah she’s barely their business ever okay. I’m going to the gym now for the second time today.

I don’t know why. I just kind of feel like doing something tonight. And I’m pretty much done all my editing.

So I might as well do something good with my time see you guys in one hour all right had a really good chest workout. And I’m gonna head home now what’s really cool. I like to do it once in a while is if you don’t feel like listening to music go onto my blog, and listen to podcasts.

So you can listen to anything from like audiobooks to TED talks right now. I am listening to Tim Ferriss the same guy who wrote the 4-hour workweek, and it’s just a live interview with him well it’s not live anymore. But it’s an interview with him, and he’s just talking about different stuff, and it’s just a really good way to kind of rebound ideas off of people who potentially have this kind of success you’re looking for or you think that you can learn from them.

So just putting it out there it’s a good way to learn, and the resource is right at your fingertips all right guys the moment you’ve all been waiting for here is my brand new intro lights camera action all jokes aside that is my new intro that tune will not actually be my tune if you can guess but I do want your feedback. I want your guys’s input as to what the beginning tune should be.

So I’ve actually made an unlisted post which. I have linked down below click on that link tell me which post you like best there’s 14 of them if you liked one then post one if you liked 14 post 14 whatever. I want your guys’s feedback.

Because you also will be the ones who will be hearing it constantly as you open up a new blog that’s the end of my blog really good day really excited looking forward to hearing back from Panasonic really hoping that. I do find a camera sponsors. So thanks for reading guys see you tomorrow peace out.

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