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There are many amazing places to camp on the west coast however one place that holds two of the most beautiful places to camp is the Pacific Rim National Park. This park is amazingly beautiful and each time you visit you have the chance to have a totally unique experience completely different from the last. This was recommended from the guys over at Find Me A Tent. As I said before, two islands within the park stand out to me as some of the most beautiful places you will see in all of America and most definitely some of the best camping spots on the west coast. Both of these places can be reached by kayak, and will leave you breathless and wanting more.

The first camp that you need to see when visiting the west coast is Willis Island. When camping at Willis Island you are looking out at a small bay that is teaming with animals and sea creatures. Wildlife surrounds you from every angle including bald eagles, deer, and otters, not to mention the numerous tidal pools that you can explore at low tide which are filled with all sorts of ocean life that are unique to the area.

The second camping spot you have to see is Clarke Island. This is another beautiful place to camp and even a great place to whale watch right from shore or from your kayak. This camp holds sandy beaches full of beautiful shells which tell of all the wildlife that is ever present there. One of the coolest features of this camp is the old stone fireplace which is all that remains of an old cabin that is long forgotten. When in the area you also must take the time to see all the beautiful caves and sea arches that are more beautiful than anything man could ever create.

Overall these two camps are some of the best in all of the west coast but definitely two of the finest camps at Pacific Rim National Park. You have to experience it to truly understand and behold it’s beauty. This part of the country is among some of the most beautiful places you could ever visit mostly because of the sheer amount of wildlife that can be seen that you cannot see anywhere else. If you are a bird watcher, a whale watcher, or just love the outdoors, don’t miss your opportunity to visit this unspoiled oasis where you can truly appreciate nature at its finest.

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