Visit to Bale Breaker’s Field 41 The Brewery In Hop Fields

America is the biggest grower of hops in the world and Yakima, in Washington state, is the world’s largest hop-growing area, accounting for around 75% of US hops. It’s these hops which brewers around the world are demanding and using in a large number of beers, where they shine brightest in IPAs and hop-forward brews, showing off their citrusy and tropical aromas, their deep oily flavor, and a powerful bitterness.

Visit to Bale Breaker’s Field 41 The Brewery In Hop Fields Photo Gallery

Visit Yakima toward the end of summer and the landscape is rolling green as the bines grow upward along tall trellises and give the air a sticky, heady, leafy aroma, all with some stunning mountain scenery around you. And right in the middle of the hop fields of Loftus Ranches, one of Yakima’s longest-running and largest hop farms, is Bale Breaker Brewing Company, flanked on three sides by Cascade hops—the hop which effectively kick-started craft brewing. Come here to drink beer surrounded by hops, where you can sit outside with the greenest of brewery views.

Have Field 41, which is Bale Breaker’s Pale Ale, hopped with those Cascades and Simcoe, and named after the field in which the brewery was built. Topcutter IPA and Bottomcutter DIPA are their other flagship brews, and these are some of the tastiest, hoppiest beers in the hoppiest part of America.

The Lowdown

WHAT: Bale Breaker Brewery Taproom

HOW: The taproom is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Brewery tours take place on the fourth Saturday of the month during the summer (

WHERE: 1801 Birchfield Rd, Yakima WA 98901, USA

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