Today’s the big day we are hanging off to Colorado to join the GoPro team in Vail big mountain story.

So there’s gonna be all sorts of different things going on like downhill biking river rafting 80 being you’ll see put my Sunday next on. I got my hat is on, and here’s my ride there’s a print security checkpoint they have a shoe polishing station. I just had someone offers like we have arrived in Japan probably about an hour, and a half here, and then from there it’s straight to Colorado where.

I will be meeting up with GoPro all right international connecting flights are there just have to go through this finally. I got through customs those early customs because. I’m not leaving the actual airport.

But anyways let’s go through the security check, and that’s not making our Fuji matcha latte thank you. So unfortunately. I didn’t have time via Raman it looked.

So good. But my flights taking off in like 20 minutes being in this airport she just makes me want to come back to Japan you guys haven’t already seen her Japan blogs you should check them out self-promotion. But maybe we’ll be back here pretty soon all right guys just got off of Skype with Abby, and she’s back in that cougar now.

So comfortably at home, I’ll be seeing her in like five days. But just went through the last step of security, and it’s time to do some time travel when I arrived in Colorado it’s basically going to be the same time that it is right now here in Tokyo it’s one of the benefits of flying back to North America.

I’m basically gaining a day back. I slept like three-and-a-half hours last night. So I’m gonna try to sleep a bit today.

And I’m gonna try to get a couple blogs done is the craziest thing. I’ve ever seen. So instead of pulling the window down if you have this.

And So see yeah. I’ve turned it up to full brightness, and this window is gradually getting lighter. And So it’s letting in more light you can do the opposite turn it down, and that starts blocking out light it becomes really dark blue.

I don’t know how on earth it does that this is witchcraft watch catch me if you can that movie is like the best movie ever you guys haven’t seen it. I’ve got five more hours, and we are now in debt it feels really good to be back in North America. I have been on the road now for three months, and we break that down that’s a quarter of the year that.


I spent abroad. So not nearly as much as the last tour of Asia we were gone for eight months last time it feels good. I have not seen green grass like this in ages.

I expected Colorado to be way more mountainous, and rocky. But it seemed like it was almost like a prairie like there was really flat fields now. I’ve got to get on a shuttle going to Vail.

And I have no idea how long that will take me to get there hopefully not too far. I just got off of Skype with my parents, and they were just telling me that actually Colorado is known as the mile-high City. So Colorado right now the altitude is roughly one mile or about six thousand feet up.

I might notice the the altitude when I go out there it might be more challenging to breathe sure the air is also gonna be a little bit fresher you guys my first breath of Colorado air. I’m.

So congested right now. I could not tell you if there’s any better. But it’s beautiful outside it’s probably about 28 degrees it’s cooler than it’s been in all of Southeast Asia.

But like easily t-shirts short weather Christian the block. We’ve got Kristian LeBlanc guys two, and a half hours later. I can finally settle in gonna check into my hotel shower, and sleep for an hour.

I think. I slept on the way out for like an hour which is nice, and feeling a little bit rested. But again.

I’m on like four hours of sleep. So pretty tired this is the Sebastian where GoPro is hosting us for the next few nights let’s check it out. I’m great how are you yeah enjoy top something together what we made it.

So I am staying four nights here in the Sebastian 24 hours later probably quite a long travel day but. I’m doing pretty well despite. I’ve got another bed.

I don’t know if someone else is staying in my room. So I’m gonna make sure not to jump on that bed until. I know better.

But what a nice room Thank You GoPro, and right as. I was saying the thing. I wanted most was cheese’s.

I’ve got a little tray thing of cheeses, and crackers, and what looks to be a massive GoPro towel. I said raspberries blackberries strawberries. I haven’t had these in three months oh hello.

I just got all over my white shirt showered shaved, and brush my teeth, and now. I feel like a new man. And I’m gonna go check in with GoPro now let’s check it out guys long day guys this is Lindsay with GoPro, and here’s my GoPro swag bag.

I have one of the first ever new GoPro backpacks, and have a chance to look at it yet. But one thing that. I’m really excited about is this right on the strap you actually have a built-in mount.

And So let’s say you’re backpacking or hiking you could just clip on your GoPro straight to your backpack which I think is actually a genius design migrating going to the next copy our free drink thing it’s awesome there’s a lot of GoPro employees here. So they do everything from like handling social media to setting up events like this there’s a ton of influencers. So I’ve met people who are bloggers Instagram with the GoPro team.

Because there’s a few people with GoPro that. I’ve been in dialogue with over over a year now, and just constantly emailing back, and forth. And So to finally be able to meet them in person you know it’s great this is Vail Village, and it is like identical to Whistler.

But a lot more chill there’s not a whole lot of people here. I know better hey there’s a Geiger it’s gonna be the most amazingly ever these guys we’re in Colorado Aaron Aaron seems like my point of contact would go pro for like a year now we got those pork chops. I’m heading back to the room right now.

I could fall asleep standing like. I said. So many times.

I need sleep, and tomorrow’s gonna be a really big day she’s still here don’t say that in the cyber flesh. I’ve been on the run all day today. So I figured.

I would take this as an opportunity before. I go to bed to show you what is inside the brand-new GoPro bag has a built-in mount to the arm strap. But it also has the ability see these two little blue things here you can put the chest strap across, and then it has a chest mount.

So basically the backpack allows you to be a walking mount you can also take this your accessory. So this is like the three-in-one selfie pool you can actually strap this to your bag. So that the GoPro comes up, and over your shoulder.

So you can get a shot from behind your head as if someone is trailing you, and that’s all stuff that’s built into this backpack this is one of the accessories they gave us it’s for your phone. So this one actually has one of my Instagram photos printed on the back of it which is awesome just nice little sweet touch by GoPro, and see it pops on the back like that, and you could press it down there like that, and it basically just allows you to grip the back of your phone. So whether you’re taking photos or texting it gives you more grip on your phone, and theoretically doesn’t take up too much more room in your pocket there’s a letter from my lover just kidding Lord, and write me a letter really nice high-quality water bottle GoPro hat this is a GoPro external battery.

So you can charge your phone or whatever else GoPro t-shirt Wow this is a Lululemon GoPro jacket that’s so sick this Lululemon Twitter it’s probably gonna become part of my regular wardrobe this is awesome we also have some oakley sunglasses deal with it this is the sweetest swag bag. I have ever received for any events thank you very much that’s the end of the blog let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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