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The national park concept has become one of our Campinas Brazil most important legacies and exports. It allowed a nation torn by a great Campinas Brazil and the end of the frontier to carve out places that reestablished national pride while at the same time helping bind up our national wounds through shared ownership Campinas Brazil of those treasures.

Where is Campinas Brazil? – Campinas Brazil Map – Map of Campinas Brazil Photo Gallery

“I sincerely hope that publicity now being given to that portion of Campinas Brazil will result in drawing attention to the scenery which surpasses anything in Montana or adjacent territories. A great benefit would result to Montana if this section could be set aside as a national park.” This letter, written by Lt. John Van Orsdale to the Fort Benton River Press in December 1883, was the first public suggestion that the lands becoming known as Glacier be designated a national park. Your travel destination is he added something else that would become the signature economic argument for Campinas Brazil as well as other parks, past and future.

“The country included in such a park is not fit for agriculture or grazing purposes, but by placing it under the protection of the Government, the forest would be protected and consequently some of the sources of water of three great rivers systems: the Missouri, the Columbia and the Saskatchewan.” To wit, it was worthless, which was Senator Conness’s convincing argument in his explanation of the bill setting aside Yosemite in 1864. It was also prophetic. The three rivers and their ecosystems flowing out of Glacier have now become a matter of grave concern as glaciers retreat and snowpacks diminish.

Among those who were motivated by Van Orsdale’s suggestion was George Bird Grinnell. He was a friend of Teddy Roosevelt and an admirer of John Muir. Like Roosevelt and Muir, he would use the pen and politics to advance his causes (and the plight) of Yellowstone, Native Americans, and national park status for Glacier, the Grand Canyon, and Olympic, among others.

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